Starting Chemo March 2019

Hi just wanted to see if anyone is having similar experience to me.New to site …I am happy to answer any questions too.I was diagnosed in Nov 2018 …I had stage 2 but changed to stage 3 after Lymph node positive after sentinel biopsy and right masectomy.2 out of 4 positive on snb but then on clearance 3 out of 19 positive…Started chemotherapy next Friday having weekly AC so that’s the American way apparently. I then have weekly Taxore x8 sessions .Seems intense.I recovered well from my ops.Arm not 100 % but can bend it etc.Not looking forward to chemo side effects hope I only get a few of any.Anyone had the dose dense chemo ?.


Hi Chelle,


There’s a separate monthly thread for March chemo starters here where you might get more help: