Starting chemo next week

Thanks for all your previous comments. I saw the oncologist yesterday and he said my tumour is a T3. I had the bone scan yesterday as well and i am having the cat and heart scan tomorrow so i dont yet know is it has spread. The oncologist couldnt feel anything in the nodes or see anything in the ultrasounds and said clinically there is no suggestion of spread but the tumour is 6cm. Just need to keep everything crossed i should get my results on Tuesday.

He is starting me on FEC, doesnt mean a lot to me at the momment and thinks i will need 4 to 6 cycles. I also had to go to the doctors this morning and get my minerva coil out, at least it wasnt as bad coming out as going in. I have been trawling the net to try to find a uk site to but hats and scarfs and cant find anything decent. I don’t know if i have time to order form the US, any suggestions?

I’m trying to keep busy but all this waiting is driving me crazy does this get easier?


Hiya Lesley,

At least you now know where you’re at re: starting chemo. I felt much better about things once my treatment had started. I am 2/3 of the way through chemo now, I’m on E-CMF. Its the Epi that makes you hair fall out. I had accelerated Epi as part of a trial and my hair came out 2 days after the second dose. I think you’ve got plenty of time to order in head scarves and stuff as the hair loss won’t happen immediately. Check out They’re an awesome site, delivery is v.quick and cheap. Their terry towelling sleep cap is a must!!

I wish you well for your results on tues and as you start chemo.

Take care and be sure to let us know how you’re doin,


Hi Lesley

Just to confirm what Kelly said, I ordered from headcovers - two hats (one day, one night) and some eyelashes, glue and remover, only took approx. 5 working days to arrive. Was very quick and I was well surprised. They have loads of stuff too … take you ages to look through everything, but if you know roughly what you want, it is very good.

Good luck for your results on tues and when you start chemo. I have my second FEC next Wednesday, so new with it all too.

Take care

Yes it does get easier once all the waiting bits are done. Life is more active once the treatments start and you are not waiting for news.

Stick in there.

Thanks for your messages.

I got the cat scan and heart scan yesterday, so i just need to wait. You have to laugh the radiologist asked me what i was doing after my scans and i said going to buy hats, she asked me if i was going to wedding. I wish!!!

I got 4 great hats in accessorize, they cover myfull head, my 10 year old assures me they are very trendy, just some scarfs and my wig to go. I am thinking of getting my hair cut short before Wedensday but i am struggling to bring myself to do it. I suit short hair as much as no hair.

I have a full weekend planned, my husband claims that i am worse than when i was pregnant but i want things done before the chemo starts and i need to keep myself busy, when i stop i start thinking and then i get down.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Lesley x