Starting chemo October 14


Was just wondering if there is anyone out there due to start chemo in October. I’ll be starting on 3rd October and will be having EC and Taxol for a period of 6 months and to say I’m scared is an understatement.

If there are people that are starting it would be great if we could support each other. I have lots of support from family and friends, but I still at times feel very alone.

I was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal cancer 3 days before my 35th birthday in August. I’ve had a WLE and SNB, and fortunately the tumour was small and my nodes were clear. The tumour was triple negative though, hence the chemo.

I’ve been reading this forum for a while but this is the first time I’ve posted. It would be great to hear from you :slight_smile: x

Hi Zoe I too am a new member of this ‘club’. I had WLE and SNB a week ago and due to see cons tomorrow to find out what next. Told likely chemo and herceptin as I have mucinous grade 2 ER+ and HER2+. So I may well be joining you - will keep you posted. How was your recovery from surgery? Think I overdid it yesterday and was quite sore.

Hi Zoe so sorry that you are having to join this forum and sadly others will come along that will be starting chemo in October. I started chemo at the end of March and therefore joined then April thread. I have found the thread to be a life line of encouragement and support with others going through the same journey as yourself. You will be given medication to control any side effects that may occur and you will,find that the pattern is the same each cycle so you will know what to expect. You are bound to be afraid the first time but you will find it’s not as bad as you are imaging. Good luck and I hope some other starting in October join you soon!



Zoe801 - i am from the August thread, i too was so so scared about the chemo, i would rather have had more surgery than start the chemo.


I have just come back from my second session of FEC today, and honestly it is not that bad.  They give you lots of drugs to counteract the side effects, use them, they do help.  I felt a bit off colour for the first ten days, i kept busy, but it was a bit of an effort, but after that i felt ‘normal’ again.


I got married last weekend and enjoyed every minute, they timed my chemo so that i felt as good as possible.  Enjoy the days when you feel good, and rest and take care of yourself when you do not feel so great.  I have carried on working part time, i want to keep a routine, i do not want my life to be consumed by cancer and chemo, but again, everyone is different and obviously depends on what you do for work.


Good luck Zoe, hopefully preparing yourself for the worse, you will be pleasantly surprised


lots of hugs xxx



Hi Barbara, I hope you’re feeling a bit better now. I think for the first 2 weeks you should just do your exercises and not worry about doing anything else! I found that it was my arm that gave me pain really. I couldn’t even notice the WLE. The sensations in your arm are the weirdest thing. Mine felt numb in places and also very sore in my armpit, along with the feeling my armpit was glued together - it felt like I was prising it open each time I lifted my arm! It’s still sore there now 3 weeks later and the soreness feeling seems to move about! It’s now going down the inside of the arm too! But don’t overdo it, I did a couple of times and could definitely notice it!

Apart from that I’ve been fine and the arm thing really isn’t much of an issue. It definitely gets better but takes a couple of weeks at least to start feeling ok ish.

Rosie and Nicki, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words and congratulations Nicki on your wedding! You must be pretty amazing to handle this and a wedding at the same time! :slight_smile:

I too don’t want my life to be dictated by cancer and while I won’t be working (am lucky enough to have a very understanding employer) I don’t want other areas of my life to suffer. I think that’s perhaps why I’m so worried about chemo. It’s the fear of the unknown and also not knowing what impact it will make on my life. I’m worried everything will change. I’m am prone to worrying though, so I hope I will be pleasantly surprised and things will be much better than I expected :slight_smile:

Thank you all again for taking the time to post.


Hi Zoe
I’ve just read your message and you sound like me!! I was diagnosed in June this year with a grade 3, invasive ductul carcinoma, had a WLE and SNB with no node involvement. I’m too triple negative. I was due to start chemo August but I was found to have a blood problem which then resulted in a bone marrow problem…and then after having an MRI and bone scan, was found to have shadows on my spine!
Long story short, (11 tests and procedures later) I found out today that the breast cancer hasn’t spread to my bones but I’m having further tests to see what’s going on in my spine. I have a meeting on Friday with my Onc regarding starting chemo (I hope!) and radiotherapy. So I have been following first the August thread, then the September with a view to hoping to belong to the October thread! I’m just hoping I’m not too late and that my marrow can cope with it.
Anyway, you must be feeling a little scared and wondering what’s going to happen. This forum has a wealth of experience and advice on just about anything…friends and family are great but sometimes they just don’t understand what you are feeling…
I’m just a little bit older than you at 40 with 3 children. You will find lots of us on here going through the same emotions, fears and sleepless nights!! You just need to look at what stupid o’clock some people post there messages!!
Speak soon
K x

Hi to zoe everyone that is unfortunate enough to be coming to the October thread. I am an October optimist from last year, however we began a fb group which I prefer as it’s more private from family etc.
I was 33 when I was dx, with 2 kids, youngest 1 and a half and the other was 4.
Everyone has their own unique experience of chemo. I pretty much soldered on throughout. Managed just about every school run, completely looked after myself and minimal help for the kids. But don’t be fooled, a week after my last chemo when I thought it was all over with I ended up in hospital for 5 days with an infection.
Good luck to you all, and you will get through it. It’s already feeling like it never happened to me, and i’m waiting for reconstruction so it still isn’t over. I’ll be happy to answer any questions best I can.
Love sarah x

hi zoe sorry to hear u r going through this horrible disease. im starting chemotherapy in October but got to have heart scan first so u will b just ahead of me. sorry don’t no all the abbreviations had lumpectamy on 15 august lump no to big but cancerous nodes hence chemotherapy. I’ve also go infection in wound so that might hold me up. would like to keep intouch if that’s ok. im 52. hope u r doing ok . suexxx

Hi Zoe I will be starting chemo on 22nd September so I will be in the October thread. Mine was a small invasive ductal carcinoma with clear nodes but I’m HER pos so need chemo I too am very scared.

Hi Chook,

Im so sorry that you have had to deal with these things on top of what is already going on. It’s fantastic news that it hasn’t gone to your bones and I will keep everything crossed for you that your spine is ok too. I’m sure you just really want to get on with treatment and start the road to recovery. I really hope you get the go ahead for chemo.

I don’t have any children so I was referred to a fertility clinic. After 2 weeks of taking tablets and injecting myself I’m having my eggs collected tomorrow to be frozen for future use, I hope! The thing with cancer is that it seems to take decisions out of your hands. It was a crazy time after diagnosis having appointments left right and centre and sorting out this fertility stuff as well. Not to mention them finding a cyst on my ovary when I went to start the fertility stuff which had to be drained before I could start taking the drugs! That was very painful and that day I had a little cry as everything started to get to me. But, this hurdle is almost over and then it will just be chemo for the next 6 months.

I don’t know if you have the same, but I’m being referred to cancer genetics to see if I carry the faulty gene as there is no real family history and it’s triple negative. I’m praying to god that I don’t as that will raise a lot of other issues and decisions.

Sarah, hats off to you for managing all that on your own. I don’t know how I’m going to feel yet, but I can imagine that must have been very hard going at times. I’m glad that part is over for you and I can imagine the reconstruction won’t be nice but I hope that it wouldn’t take you too long to recover so you can start looking to the future.

Barbara, I’m not too bad. I was popping paracetamol and codeine like nobodies business for the first couple of weeks but I don’t need them now. It’s just sore to touch really but it’s not bothering me too much. My surgeon said that I would feel different sensations as I healed and she was right, but they are getting better. The exercises do help, although I’ve been very slack with them this week!
My scars are very neat and the one under my arm isn’t very big but that area was the most bruised. My lump was right at the bottom of my boob really low down near my ribs so I have a scar underneath, which is longer than I thought. And I still have a blue boob from the dye for the SNB!

I’ve just had a call from the hospital and I’m going for my chemo chat with the nurse on 29th and my first chemo is booked for 3rd Oct. all very real and scary now. I don’t want to do it but I know I have to! My boyfriend always tells me I have to stay strong and positive, but it’s not always that easy!

We can all get through it together though, I’m sure :slight_smile:

Lots of love xxx

Hi Sue and Zelda,

Please do keep in touch. I think we’re all going to need each other for support over the coming months and hopefully we can do it here. It’s hard to relay to friends and family just how we’re feeling and although they offer support it’s hard to comprehend unless you’re dealing with it yourself.

Sue, I’ve got to have a heart scan too but I haven’t got the date yet. I had my op on 29th August. I really hope your infection clears up so you’re not too delayed.

Zelda, I’ll be thinking of you on 22nd and I hope it all goes well and you don’t feel too bad. It’s the unknown really which is the scary bit. I mean, we know what to expect but we don’t know how we’ll feel. Please let us know how it all goes.


Hello ladies,


I to start my fec-t chemo in October, the 1st to be precise.  I had a mx on the 26th August and full node clearance. I will be having 6 rounds of chemo and 18 shots of herceptin.


Reading all your stories gives me strength as I am really not looking forward to next month. Hopefully we will look back at this and think why did we even worry it was not that bad…


Today is one of my positive days, I don’t know if I am in the minority but my emotions are all over the place, we will get through this but we can support each other x

hi zelda and every one else. im going to apologise before i start sorry if i go on to with you on the emotions being all over the place zelda im ok one min and the next am snappy and crying so not like me. just wish it was all over and life would get back to normal. im so scarred about chemotherapy i feel sick sometimes just thinking about it. is so hard trying to stay positive for the family. i no its hard for them but they just don’t get. im blaming them but wish they could understand how im feeling sometimes. im so angry at times want to let it all out but can’t because i don’t want to worry hubby . rant over sorry. hope everyone else is having one of there good days. suexxx

Hi ladies, if you don’t mind I would love to joint the October thread. I’m sure we’ll all become firm friends throughout the coming months, giving support to each other through our treatment. I start my chemo wed 24 sept :frowning:

I’m 51, have 4 kids - 33, 30, 29 and 9, 2 dogs (15 and 8 months) and a hubby. I was diagnosed after a routine mammogram in July and had WLE and SNB 20 august. My results showed 9mm lump, ER pos, her2 neg IDC grade 3. I was borderline for chemo and after a really difficult week decided I was going to go for it. Huge decision as I have a sickness phobia. I’ve asked for the ‘magic’ tablet emend, which my hb don’t routinely prescribe, but I’ve to get it so I’m really pleased about that :slight_smile: . I have to say my treatment throughout this whole process has been fantastic, I can’t fault any aspect of it at all.

I feel a lot calmer now that I know my treatment plan. I’m having 6 x fec, as I say, first one is next week, then rads for 19 days, and tamoxifen for 5 years then letrozole for a further 5 years.

I’m off wig shopping tomorrow with my daughters. I’m not all that fussed on a wig really, I think I fancy just scarfs, but my 9 year old has been funny about the impending baldness, he actually said the other day he wouldn’t bring his friends home in case they laughed at me. Wee soul, you just wonder what goes on in their heads.

I’ve booked an Indian head massage at the oncology unit to try to calm me a bit the day before chemo. I’ve also booked onto a local looking good workshop for the beginning of nov so hoping for some tips on makeup etc. I’ve been off work since my op and have just put in another sick line for the coming month, but I am hoping se from the chemo will be minimal (fingers and toes crossed) and I can go in to work on a few occasions anyway.

Looking forward to hearing from others starting their treatment in the next few weeks. I know we’ll be there for each other at the difficult time.

Love and hugs xxx

Barbara, I’m so sorry to hear your news. I don’t know how I’d feel about that and I hope you are dealing with it ok. I suppose if you have a mastectomy it can’t come back in there, which can only be a good thing. I try and take the positives where I can. There’s so many negative things to deal with and I find it helps me to find positive things where I can in this awful situation. I think I’d have surgery first too. I know you are scared and I would be too, but I’m sure you’re in the best hands and this is for the good of you. After all, we all want you to be ok and healthy again. I know you’ll be having chemo in January but please come back from time to time to tell us how you are. I wish you all the very best and send you lots of love xx

Sue, there is no need to apologise! Feel free to let it all out. I’m fairly new to this but I think this is a place you can let it all out because we all understand and have felt the same at some point. Bottling things up makes things worse and you will worry more. We need to be in fighting mode and anger is good for that. People mean well but no, they don’t always get it. One of the things that got on my nerves was people telling me about people they know that have had breast cancer who are now fine. I used to think “that’s brilliant, but they aren’t me!” Everything is being done to make you better and you have to fight too. You can do it and be strong. And if you want to cry then do it! Vent here whenever you want! Big hugs xxx

Welcome Murphy! I’m so glad you’ve joined this thread. There are a few of us now, which is lovely.

It sounds like they picked your lump up very early. Mine was 15mm IDC grade 3 too, but triple negative. My consultant thinks it can’t have been there any more than 3 or 4 months. I found mine and this is the one and only time in my life I’ve been grateful for having small boobs!

It really sounds like you’ve got everything under control and have taken control, which I think is really important. Getting organised has helped me a lot as I feel less overwhelmed and it seems you are doing the same :slight_smile:

Enjoy the massage and all the best for Wednesday. Please let us know how you got on.

Lots of love xxx

Hi Mel, welcome too!

Your treatment starts 2 days before mine so we will probably be going through it together! Everyone seems to be having FEC and I’m just having EC and then Taxol. I wonder what the F part does!

I think we all have ups and downs and that’s part and parcel of this. Sometimes it gets on top of me and then other times I almost forget what’s happening. Today was a good day for me too. I had my eggs collected this morning (more needles!) and they took 7 and all 7 were good and mature enough to freeze :slight_smile: Better still I haven’t been in any pain!

Good luck for the 1st. I hope you breeze through it! Xxx

Hi zelda, looks like you’ll be the first from this thread to have your chemo (you’re two days ahead of me). You’ll be able to pass on any tips you have. I’ve been in holland and Barrett today getting some crystallised ginger to try to combat nausea, got my ginger nut biscuits at the ready and pineapple ice lollies to help with mouth sores. I’m worried about infection, think I’ll be one of those people that hibernate during the second week!!! I don’t know about you but I feel a lot calmer since I’ve been to visit the unit and been told what to expect, and the staff were so lovely and caring and really just want to help you any way they can.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, let us know how you get on on Monday, it’s my sons birthday on 22nd so it’s a lucky day xxx

Morning ladies

Murphy can you let us know how the wig shopping goes, I am due to go and pick one on the 30th but hoping I won’t need it.  I am thinking of trying the cold cap but after reading up on it I get the impression your hair (if it stays) can thin on the top and I have fine hair to start with, so think wig may be needed.


Going to go for a short drive today as I have not driven may car since I had my mx and it is killing me that it is just sat in the garage.  Getting a bit stare crazy as the weather here in the northeast is so bad I can’t even get out for a walk.


Hope all you lovely ladies have a good weekend x