Starting chemo on 15/4 ...very scared !

Hi there, I’m new to this forum but having read many of the threads and conversations I think all you ladies could really help and advise me on this roller coaster journey I’m about to go on ! I’ve already decided to try the cold cap ( as I love my hair ) and it helped to read of some of your experiences with it.
I’m 43, recently diagnosed stage 3 invasive , chemo , mx, then radio to follow…I keep myself fit so I’m hoping this will help me get through it also. would like to help others , compare notes, side effects etc …I’m already drawing inspiration from the advice on here. ?

Hi Dawn


Im Val, 56, Had Mx with immediate reconstruciton with strattice, starting chemo on 14th april, so day before you., I am having FEC-T, then 5 weeks of rads, then 10 years letrozole.  I am very apprehensive, glad surgery is over and I am recovering well 3 and half weeks now.  The support you receive on here is really great and invaluable, the ladies are all legends.  I have not even contemplated the cold cap, I think I have been and am going to go through enough already.  I love my hair too, BUT, know its gonna go.  Its only temporary, I have 2 wigs and an array of caps, headscarves etc at the read.   I got them before surgery even, as I am a very organised person and like to have things in order.  Good luck on your journey and keep in touch on here.xxxxx

Hi dawnyw I start my chemo on 14th April and am having my treatment in the same order as you! Also have stage 3 invasive that’s spread to my lymph glands, have you had a look at the monthly thread there’s quite a few of us April starters already so we can all be terrified and get through this together. I’m struggling to make my mind up about the cold cap am going to be measured for it when I have my picc line fitted on Friday so still keeping an open mind!

Hi Dawnyw
I started my chemo on the 17th. It hasn’t been as bad as I expected. I am using the cold cap as well. Fingers crossed we keep our hair. I have some hats and scarves just in case. Next one due on 8th May. Hope you are ok and your second one is ok too.