Starting chemo on Monday 3 FEC 3 Taxotere

Would love to be in touch with anyone starting around this time. It seems so scary. I feel really positive about everything but just a little bit fearful.

I get easily travel sick does anyone know if this is an indicator of having sickess through treatment. There are so many great threads on here giving tips on what to do.

Anyway I am rabbling. Would be nice to buddy up with some people on the way through.

Lots of love

Jayne xxxx

Hi Jayne

I’m having my second FEC on 24th so slightly ahead of you but thought I would let you know that I was also told about the travel sickness having a possible link with nausea from chemo but to be honest I suffer travel sickness but I wasn’t actually sick. You get anti-sickness injections before the chemo and then tablets to take away. What I would say (I was advised to do this) is to take the tablets as instructed by hospital. It really works, well it did for me. It kept the vomiting away for me. I also drank loads of fluids the day before and leading up to the chemo and afterwards. It really does help.

When is your first session?

Good luck and if you need any advice, everyone on here is great and will support you!!

Take Care

Love Krissy xx

Hi Jayne, I start my first of 8 FEC Tommorrow, so we can do this together! I am anxious but to be honest just want to get it started, I know i´m in for a long haul so the sooner I start the better!

I also live in Spain and not speaking the language that well doesn´t help, I get by on conversation but medical is a whole new world,

I have encounted 2 problems this week, firstly went to get my bloods done, no they couldn´t do them as apparantly my Onc hasn´t ticked all the correct boxes!!! DUH !!!

Then today I am to take my first drug Prednisona 50mg now heres the problem my Onc told me to take it straight after breakfast but on my Schdule for my meds it says take it straight after dinner!!!

I can´t get hold of my Onc as he is only in on Thursdays… Which is the day of my first chemo!

I don´t have a BCN so I think I will go for the printed version and take it this evening!

So thats the start of my moans…

Love Teresa xxx

Hi Jayne

I’ve just started my first FEC (1 week ago) and it was fine. No sickness just hyper for the first 3 days - didn’t sleep. But I’m gradually getting back into my normal routine. My second FEC is due on 3rd March - so this maybe a different story!

Anything else you would like to know - just ask.

Lots of hugs,

Amanda xx

Hi Amanda, did you take the anti sickness the day before? if so after breakfast or after dinner. Thanks

Teresa x

I am a long way ahead of you as I started FEC in Dec 2006 followed by taxotere.I had 4 FEC and took anti sickness as instructed.I found I acually vomited only once in each cycle on the evening of the day I had chemo and the rest of the time I was fine.Do take the drugs exactly as instructed though.

Hi Teresa,

I took the anti sickness as instructed by the nurses. So that night I had to take one. Then the next day (after chemo) 2 in the morning (2 different types) then one later in the evening. Usually after I had something to eat.

Amanda xx

Hi everybody

I haven’t been offered any anti sickness tablets to take before. Do you think I should ask them? I can’t totally remember what was said at the appointment.

Thank you it alwasy feels better alonside someone else.

Lots of love xxx

Can I jsut ask do you feel tired straight away with chemo?


Good quetion Jayne, I wondered this? Mind you i feel tired most of the time since Dx…

Love Teresa x

Hi Jayne and Teresa,

You get the anti sickness drug just before the chemo goes in. Mine went through the same drip into my vein. First the anti sickness then the chemo.

Afterwards I felt fine. Had a lay down when I got home, but I can do that after a days shopping!!! They say tireness usually hits you the next day - but it didn’t for me, it was quite the opposite! It is day 7 for me and I do feel a little bit tired, but I also have a cold and it’s the time of the month!!!

Lots of hugs

Amanda xx

Thanks for that.

I suppose it must be different for everyone.

Teresa good luck tomorrow, I feel the same a bit anxious but glad to be starting. Let me know how it goes and hopefully we can be a support for as long as we are all going through this.

Let me know how you go.

Sending you lots of love

Jayne xxxx

Hi Jayne
I’m a bit ahead of you had 2 FEC so far 1 more to do and then 3TAX. I haven’t been sick just felt yucky. I drink loads day before and for a few days after the treatment. They give me anti sickness and steroid through the drip then I take the first anti sickness tablets that night I start the steroids the next day. I do suffer with indigestion for the first few days but they gave me omeprazole and that helped. I don’t sleep very well the first couple of nights think it’s the steroids they make me a bit hyper.
Good luck for Monday.
Take care xxx

Thanks everybody

Teresa hope all goes well today I will be thiking of you.

Love Jayne

Hi Jayne
Im starting 6 FEC on 2nd march so week behind you… also little worried about the sickness as suffered really badly with pregnancy sickness!! will take everything they offer!!
Think the waiting and wondering whats going to happen…how you’ll feel… is a very anxious time, cant seem to concentrate on anything and get very stressed and upset at the littlest thing!!
best wishes

Tracey xx

Hi Jayne, Well i,m home not been too bad just a little nausea, the worst for me is the taste, it awful. Apart from that and feeling like ivé drunk 6 glasses of wine, I´m ok, I just hope i dont get the hangover following tommorow! LOL

Thanks for your concern, keep well, good luck,

Love Teresa xxx

Hi Teresa
Just wanted to send my love and best wishes, at least thats day one over!!! hope you sleep well
Take care
Tracey xx

Hi Jayne and everyone else,
I started my chemo on tues but on a trial, i am on docataxol to first see what happens,I have a lot of problems 4 times dx this is 3rd chemo, had to take steroids day before, day of treatment and day after, with even more steroids during chemo, and they really make me hyper but washed out. I was told to take the anti-sickness 2 types, a stronger one morn and night and 2 twice a day in the middle of the day, if you know what i mean, i usually am not good at taking pills but decided this time to take them all and although i feel tired and restless and generally out of sorts, i am managing it, although i am now starting to get the funny hands thing that they talked about with this sort of chemo just waiting for the hair to start falling out again, i did try the cold cap again and it was useless, had it on for about 5secs and couldn’t get it off quick enough, far to painful for me, i’m turning into a wimp.
On the whole though, so far i am okay and i hope you all are too.
Take care

Hi Teresa,

Glad your home and it went not too bad hope your feeling ok in the morning. Lots of love xxx

Tracey nice to hear from you. I know it is horrible just waiting but soon we will all be underway. Do keep in touch it is nice to know there are other people going through it as well and none of us are alone.

Speak soon xxx

Hi Teresa,

Glad your home and it went not too bad hope your feeling ok in the morning. Lots of love xxx

Tracey nice to hear from you. I know it is horrible just waiting but soon we will all be underway. Do keep in touch it is nice to know there are other people going through it as well and none of us are alone.

Speak soon xxx