Starting chemo on monday

I start chemo on Monday. Such a lot to think of Im a single parent so having to sort out friends family to stay with me for a few days as I don’t want my son to be my carer… I’m having to make lists of emergency contacts in case i become ill.

Hi daffodilli, sorry to hear you will be starting chemo on Monday. The unknown is scary but it’s not as bad as you might think it’s going to be. What age is your son? There is a monthly thread called October 2014 you can join. We are all ladies who have started chemo this month and are there to support one another. Have a look and see what you think about joining, everyone is lovely.

Lots of love xxxxxx

Or you could start a new thread for November - if there isn’t already one. You will very quickly joined by others for support.

Hi Daffodili,
My son is nearing adulthood, so don’t have your same big issues.
I have gotten him to help out in little ways, taking me to get my PICC line in, and him coming with me ( but not staying) for a chemo. I think he felt good cooking for me a few times.
As for support, people to take me to hospital when I got neutropenic, people to come and cook.
I had friends to stay in the early days, but now v happy especially week three of chemo to be alone. Except neutropenia and anaemia etc happen so I’d recommend you have at least three for emergencies. As for the PICC line a possible injections, the district nurse will help with those if you find yourself in those positions.
I ordered shopping on line before each chemo, soups mashed potatoes etc.
I used an excel spreadsheet for all my friends, and have a few so they came round once every two to three weeks.
I found friends, especially and if you only saw them once or twice a year before Cancer, felt and are able to come and really help out.