Starting chemo on Monday


I’m 68, with TN that has spread to the axillary nodes, starting chemo on Monday. The treatment is 3x3 EC and then PAC weekly x9. Have been surprised by all the scans and tests required before chemo begins. As I’m scheduled for surgery and rad it will be 7 months, if not delayed at all.

Having been on the other thread- cancer diagnosis- I realise how much you help each other to cope and pull through.  Really appreciate the practical tips too. Going to enjoy the next 3 days!


Hi CureDars,

I’ve ‘spoken’ to you on the TN thread. I had chemo in Oct’17, mine was different to yours 3 FEC and 3 T. One thing I would recommend are the travel sickness bands-I wore them whilst having chemo and for a few days afterwards (until I didn’t need to take the anti-sickness meds) and I wasn’t sick at all x