Starting Chemo Tomorrow

Yeah I’m 3 fec & 3 T the t meant to be worse but fingers crossed I dose myself up on juice to boost my immune system it will help !! Can’t wait till EVICTION DAY ? Make sure u drink lots of water 3 litres a day & plenty body lotion & nail oil & if u have dark polish put it on fingers & toes I put navy on apparently it helps yr nails so worth a try use acetone free remover ? The actual worrying about the chemo is worse than the actual chemo just take deep breaths esp if u have other things on as well as chemo by the time I got to chemo I was like a coiled spring !!!

Link for juicing


Glad it went OK Lynn. My first is tomorrow and am feeling sick already in anticipation.
Daft question re juicing what happens to the ‘bits’
Do you filter it or do they get blended down?

Hi bottyboo all the mulch just sits under grinder & u just scoop it out at end & bin ? Good luck for 2moro I think the thought is worse than the actual chemo … Don’t get me wrong it’s not great but not as bad as I had built it upto be in my overactive mind !!! Good luck sending u lots of love let me know how it goes :heart::heart::heart:

How are you feeling ? Hope chemo went ok & yr not feeling to bad, be careful I felt OK y’day did too much … Unloaded dishwasher & ironing (got into trouble) & I’m shattered today … Lesson learnt ironing etc 2 days after chemo maybe isn’t my best idea ? :heart: Xxx

That was for tanyette sorry xxx