Starting Chemo Tomorrow

Hi everyone I’m 50, 51 next Monday I have been diagnosed with IDC grade 3 not in limph nodes but HER 2 & +ER. I can only describe the last 3 weeks like a bereavement I have sobbed uncontrollably, wept in the dark in bed, & felt like my head would explode. I have been trying to keep positive (no crying for 7 days in a row) but the big day is dawning 2moro 8.25 MRI followed by 1st chemo & cold cap. I would be so grateful for any advice/tips you can give me. It’s such a scared lonely place to be. My partner & parents ha e been amazing & supportive. I ha e 2 kids son at 18 & a daughter 12. That’s one of the reasons I’m trying cold cap I don’t want to look so ill & frighten my daughter … Or myself for that matter !! This is the most surreal situation & I am all over the place. Would love to hear from anyone :heart: Xx

Hi Lynn, I’m sorry you have had to join us but a warm welcome anyway, if you look at the link below you will find lots of support and advice from the May chemo starters ?

Hi thank you for that I’ll have a look xx

Hi Lynn,


Sorry to to hear you’ve had this diagnosis. You are not alone. I was just 48 when diagnosed and was initially diagnosed with DCIS (grade 0) then following WLE pathology DCIS and grade 3 HER2 positive which came as a huge shock to everyone, doctors included, as initially they thought it was benign. This forum is wonderfully supportive.


Isabelle xx

I know it’s a minefield of emotions & it’s not a club I would have chosen to join like all of us I’m sure but at least we have each other for support ? Are you getting herceptin too ? It just makes things a bit more complicated doesn’t it … Typical me I never do anything by halves !! All or nothing girl me !! Xx

Yes getting hormone therapy too have to take it for 10 yrs fingers crossed I’ll still be here !! I’m not looking forward to tomorrow but it’s a necessity & I just want to get it started so I can get my life back, csncer takes the reigns of yr life & it’s my fight to get them back, hopefully tomorrow goes ok thanks :heart: Xxx

My partner is coming with me he’s bn amazing as have my parents not easy for anyone it effects so many people xxx

I know it must be so hard doing it alone but thankfully I have them & friends so very grateful xxx

Hi Claire thank you so much it means so much to have support from people who ha e been through or going through this !! It is all overwhelming isn’t it I am terrified about 2moro but I think yr right get the 1st one out the way thank you :heart: Lynn xxx

That’s all we can hope for & be thankful for xxxx

Hi Sue thanks I will let you know just think my this stage you just WANT IT DONE I have packed my bag with cosy cover (cold cap) and book iPad sweets to suck etc so hopefully have everything I need ? I’m not really a techno how do I get onto the chemo buddy thing sorry I’m useless !! Thank you :heart: All the best for thurs hopefully not as scary as we think !! Xxx

Thanks I’ll give it a try if I’m not there message me lol I will make sure I drink plenty water ! Wish me luck ! :heart: Xxx

Thanks so much I’ll let u know how I get on ? Be strong :heart: Xxxx

I just asked my partner that today & what do you do if yr kids get sick … I assume avoid them ? Go to theatre life is for living … Just ask for a box lol have a great time :heart: Xxx

For sure !!! :heart: ? Save them up for later xx

Hi again,
Having checked this with my Oncologist - I will be on 6 x FEC - se should be the same, but fatigue can build up.

I’m same FEC-T 3 fec & 3 T I was told the T is harder but that maybe because of the build up over the weeks … Here’s hoping that’s all we have to face in the next 18 weeks … Roll on xmas I say !!! Never thought I’d hear myself say that lol xxx

Hi again, lol
When you get the FEC - all fast growing cells will be attacked by the drugs, which means that your red blood cells (transport oxygen), your white blood cells (fight infection) and your platelet (make sure you don’t bleed too much and form scabs) will decline up to mid cycle. Mid cycle they will start to build up again. Hence mid cycle you are at highest risk of infection. They really should have told you this.

Well had MRI, cold cap & chemo on Monday … What a day !!! I found the cold cap ok after 4hrs I had had enough & cldnt wait to get it off !! I had a panic attack during chemo & had to b given a jab, it helped think I was overwhelmed with so much on one morning. I was still a bit groggy when I got home from the jab & about 7hrs later it kicked in I felt very sick hospital gave me 4 tabs to take every morning for 3 days & emergency ones on top I have only had to take 1 emergency on 1st night. Was not bad yesterday slept a lot which is no bad thing. Started juicing yesterday immune boosting 5 carrots, 2 golden delicious apples, 1" of ginger & 1/4 lemon peeled juice & drink it’s lovely with ice really boosts yr immune system putting t-cells, vits bk if you don’t have a juicer I got mine tesco Phillips £110 reduced to £39 it’s great ! Get juicing ladies here’s the link for recipes
I feel ok today got up early emptied dishwasher & reloaded did some ironing made my juice … Got into trouble for doing above !! But have promised to rest for most of the day ! I’m not going to be silly but don’t want to fester in my bed like a victim that won’t help either … I’m not saying I will be so positive 2moro but one day at a time & today so far is good lots of love :heart: Xxx

Hi tanyette all the best for tomorrow if yr anything like me I was a nervous wreck think it’s the Unknown more than anything, it’s a lot to deal with in one day but y’ll do it ? Be strong ? I wld DEF juice I sent the link they are bursting with every immune boosting thing our bodies are needing after chemo so worth it !! I feel ok today more or less normal albeit a bit tired but ok. Just think of tomorrow as you issuing the 1st Eviction Notice to your unwanted body tenant & it’s on borrowed time until eviction is SERVED good luck let me know how you get on :heart: XXXX