starting chemo

I’m due to start chemo (3xEC and 3x TAX)next week following Mastectomy 5th Oct and axillary clearance 2nd Nov - nasty wound abscess after last op so didn’t do as well as I expected but ok now. Still feel a bit out of sorts. Any tips on building up my strength and immunity over the next few days ??
Really worried about hairloss and body image which in the bigger scheme of things is riduculous ! Have a really supportive family
Have read the "coping " tips so feel I am armed with practical stuff for side effects.
Help !

Hey, why don’t you join the “starting chemo in November” string - or start a new one for December (maybe there is one already?).

As for getting ready - its all common sense, now is the time to eat well, get plenty of sleep, gentle exercise and do the things you enjoy. Also I found it helpful to get organised - following all the advice on this forum - pack an emergency bag, sort out chemo caddy of stuff to carry around the house, buy supplies, re-read BCC info leaflets.

One thing I wish I’d done more of was try out headscarf/hat options - now my hair is thinning I don’t want to be messing about with trying things on that might damage what’s left! On a similar note, sorting your T shirts/jumpers into ones that do and don’t pull on your head as you put them on - I now wear the same 4 Ts and don’t dare try any others on (too lazy for button up shirts).

Good luck - don’t be scared