starting chemo

Hello All,
I’m starting chemo on the 10th of may FECT-T and will be losing my hair, I’m finding it hard to find something nice to cover my head as they all seem for the older woman I am 36 any suggestions.


Hello woppit

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Best wishes
June, moderator

Hi Jane, firstly sorry that you have had to join us all on here but you have definitely come to the rite place! I was diagnosed in jan & started my chemo in feb & had my 4th lot of FEC yesterday. I’m not goin to lie to you it’s horrible but at the same time doable & you will get through it. X

Personally I bought a wig only because I really would not suit scarves/ bandanas etc but every person is different in that some ladies on here don’t wear anything. I searched on the Internet for wig shops in my local area & found a lovely one in Chorley, Lancashire (not sure where abouts u are) they were wonderful & very helpful. I’m 39 and like you was a bit worried but I can honestly say the wig I chose was very much like my own style & colour & whilst I felt self conscious at first it really donest bother me now. However if you fany a bandana or scarf I think there is a company called annabandanna on the Internet.

Really hope that helps you & please feel free to send me a private message if you have any further questions, I really don’t mind. X

Good luck & take care. Jo

Hi Jane,
Sorry to have to join us here. I’m 37 (36 when i was diagnosed in Feb).
I am on the same treatment as you and have lost my hair as you can see from the picture.
I actually looked in a few places until i found something i liked.

See what you think to these:-

Suburban Turban - i bought the gemma which i like and it keeps my head warm

R and R confidence… some nic hats on there

Accessorize - i got a nice baker boy cap

Scarves - i have got some from all over - Primark had some nice ones…and not at all expensive.

I have to say i dont really get on with scarves as i am rubbish at tying then. But thats me…

If you have any questions - i’m all ears…

Take care,


oohh and have a look at buffs for something to cover your head…they can be quite funky colour wise…

I dont wear my wig… makes my head itch!

You will be fine and come out the other side - i promise.


Hi Raechi
People keep mentioning buffs, can you tell me where I can see/get these from please

Thanks Janice x

Hi Janice

You can get Buffs off the Internet, They are very versatile & have loads of colours etc I have several.
I also found someone on eBay who makes hats for chemo hair loss If you search “chemo hat” and specific the seller red321z you will find them. They are only £9.99 and they get sent really quickly, I have had quite a few comments about mine and it makes a change when you don’t want to wear a wig or bother to tie a scarf ( which I am rubbish at!).
Best wishes
Smartie x

Smartie beat me to it :slight_smile:
I got mine from e-bay. A lovely stripey one…

Just quick to pull on…


Thank you everyone for your useful comments, I have ordered a hat from Suburban Turban and looking forward to its arrival.
Just wondering how quickly did you lose your hair?
My hair was long but when I was told I would be having chemo I had it cut shorter and then shorter again as I have a 13 month old girl I didnt want the shock of my hair loss upsetting her.
I’m trying to keep smilling and look for the funny side of things but it is tough.

Many thanks Jane

Hiya Jane,
I lost mine about day 15 post chemo number 1. I know some people are still hanving on to theirs - but not me…
I wrongly thought it would all come out at once. It didnt…it thins and then get patchy. At that point i took the clippers to it.
You kind of know when its coming as the scalp gets quite tender. Almost like its been pulled in to a really tight pony tail if thay makes sense.
I know its tough i am right there with you on that one… but one day this will all be over and we will be out the other side.
If you want to chat or ask anything please feel free to, send me a private message if you want to.
Have you considered going to one of the younger womens forums? I’m going to the one in London. Thats one thing i have struggled with is meeting anyone a similar age…as lovely as the ladies i meet at chemo are they have about 40 years on me, and i guess my concerns re: treatment are a bit different to theirs.
Take care and keep smiling,