Starting chemo

Hi just about to start chemo not sure what to expect for the first session it’s the not knowing what effect it will have, feels like its not real ,feeling anxious just trying to stay positive ?

Hi there just a word of encouragement.

I can’t say what you will experience as we are all different just go with it and follow any advice you are given.

Nothing is insignificant so don’t be afraid to ask for reassurance if you have any concern’s.

I hope it goes well for you and want you to know it is doable I finished chemo in May and had ups and downs along the way but so just take it a day at a time. Goodluck.

Thank you for the kind advice day at a time like you say ?

Am over half way through my chemo. First one made me very sick, but this can be controlled with drugs. Best idea is to look at comments of others who started in other months. My group September starters, have developed a Facebook group where many of us share and support each other throughout their chemo. Everyone seems to have been affected differently depending on treatment, but there are some similarities. It is great to have support and input from others in the same boat. Hope this helps you.