Starting chemo.


I have gone through two WLEs and full node clearace, the results came back last week and I’ll be having chemo.

Now I have my first appointment with the chemo oncologist, on Monday.

I was just wondering what sort of timescale there is, from the first onolgist appointment to starting chemo?




Mine started the following Thursday, 10 days later. Good luck and once you know when you’ll start join the monthly chemo thread so you have other ladies to share the day to day effects with. It proved invaluable to me and helped me to know I wasn’t alone. Xx

Thank you!
I’ve been following the April thread as I really had no idea what to expect, and am fonding it really useful xx

Hi mustardandgrey - I think eceryone is different but I saw the Oncologist then started chemo 6 days after that. 

Hello mustardandgrey,


How are you doing?  I started 2 weeks after seeing Onco.  I really wish you well with your treatment - chemo or otherwise.  It is great to read things up and be prepared.  It is also good to note that what may apply to others may not apply to you and it also depends on the type of chemo you are being prescribed.


Take care X