Starting chemo

Im stressing so much. Awaiting to see the oncologist next month to see hpw many sessions, etc of chemo. Im 36 and have a 19month old little boy. How did everyone manage going out for days out and short breaks? 



It is very difficult as we are all unique and have different experiences with chemo. I seem to have every side effect going and am only able to get out the house for a couple of times before starting the next cycle, I seem to be one of the unfortunate ones!

Hi firefly


As Loulinen says everyone’s different in the way they respond to their chemo regime and they last different lengths of time and differ in cycle lengths. Mine is EC which is 3 weekly and you are more prone to infections in the 2nd week when your white blood cells are at their lowest. During that week I avoided crowded areas and avoided public transport but other than that I went out as normal. Many people on here go away for weekend breaks, I would say just make sure you take your card with you so you can contact your emergency team and they will direct you in case you become or feel unwell.


Joemic x 

Firefly, I’d love to say life carries on as normal, but until you see how your body tolerates the chemicals I wouldn’t plan a lot. As you know there can be a few side effects from the chemo, and you may not feel emotionally or physically able to go out…or you may just sail through it all. I do hope so. Everyone is so very different. It is possible that your immune levels dip, and precautions might be needed to avoid the general population. I was 70 when I was diagnosed, and I definitely think age makes a difference . I struggled to tolerate my chemo, and was very pleased to be the centre of hubbys attention. He drove me places, generally unpopulated, for walks, and I became ace at spotting uncrowded coffee shops . Didn’t use super markets for quite some time, though. My advice would be to not plan too firmly ahead, but be nice and flexible to grab opportunities for little breaks when and where. Be kind to yourself, too. Good luck. ?