Starting chemo ??

Hi all you lovely ladies out there ?

well tomorrow morning Friday 7th at 10.30 i am starting my chemotherapy treatment…

i am having Carboplatin and Paclitaxel… had TNBC…

Anybody starting their treatment who would like to ’ compare notes ’  with me ??

good luck and BIG hugs to all ???


Im not currently having chemo (may in the future) but just wanted to wish you well with your treatment.

hugs Mel x

Good Luck tomorrow. I start mine on 18th. Not sure on which drugs yet. Hope it goes well. Sx

Well i’ve not been home long… tiring day…couldnt believe all the pre meds before the actual drugs where given…  2 failed attempts at cannula in back of hand…i wasnt far off leaving…sooo stressed by now.   Finally a lovely chemo sister,  first time,  put cannula above my wrist in front of arm…

then it all began,  sittng watching the drips of poison go into my body  ?? and then the second lot ??  gave me meds to take home then starts talking about ’ injections ’ ?? ??  what ???

nobody mentioned in all this that i would need tummy injections  ???

So heres to my next session next friday but just a single drug then so should be quicker.

what and see if any ’ nasty ’ side effects pop out…

good luck to all us newbies starting chemo soon…BIG HUGS  ??