Starting Chemotheray



I’m starting EC chemotherapy next week. Has anyone any tips they can share to help get through it



Hi Jodie i am 3 fec down now and it is scary before you start but you will get through it and get lots of support on here. If you go on to the chemo monthly threads you will find lots of advice. CK on the september thread helped us all on our journey with her tips and advice. You should join the november thread too.

My advice is drink lots the day before chemo - 2 litres of water. Lots on chemo day and the day after too. Take all your meds just as they tell you too. Eat little and often to help with any nausea and have sweets to suck if your mouth is dry.

The best advice was given to me by my BCN and that was to keep a diary and i have. That way i can look back and see how i was on day 5 last time and its reassuring to see that i was the same - i know what to expect! However i am a bit better each time i think.

Also get some movicol sachets off your GP as the meds d make you a bit bunged up - i take them for about 4 days after chemo. Alsovget some difflam mouthwash and oral gel in case you get a sore mouth. They really help but if you have them in, hopefully you wont need them!

My friend from the forum has had 3 EC and hasnt missed a single day off work!

Goid luck xxx

Hi Jodie

Welcome to the forum.

We have a monthly chemo thread that is for November starters, that you are very welcome to join. That are some ladies on there who have just started, so you can share advice and support each other.

Sue xx

Hi Jodiebear.
I ve had 3 cycles of EC and all manageable. Please go to my posts on just diagnosed, chemo day 1 and day 2 and day 8. You may find useful. All the best.xx

Hello there, I am far from a veteran as I just had my first cycle of chemo (accelerated EC-T) last week. I am day 4 post-infusion. I have joined the November thread and highly recommend it for support, wisdom and help. If you search my posts, you’ll also find some brilliant replies from generous folk who responded when I was about to join the chemo club and wanted top tips. 


Things that have helped me so far, include Biotene for my mouth, bio oil and heal cream for my dry/red skin, lip balm (mouth/lips are dry as a desert), queasy drops and water biscuits for the nausea, drinking lots and lots and lots of water and then drinking even more, knowing I had a functional thermometer and assorted medication to get me through the worst of the side effects (quite a shock for a plaster and paracetamol if you’re lucky kinda household), more sanitising handwashes and cleaning products than we’ve ever owned before, exercise and fresh air, yoga and mindfulness, eating little and often as my strange tastebuds allow, resting when I needed to, having treats to look forward to planned a little way on when I emerge from the slightly disconnected and nauseous phase and returning to this site often for comfort, kindness and wisdom.


I am also standing by with a wig on order and a range of hats/coverings/scarves as I am not cold-capping and it makes me feel better to know I am ready to meet the bald when it arrives. 


Hope to see you on the November thread and wishing you all the best for the first session. xx

Hi I am starting FEC T this Thursday how do I join the November group?

Thank you all for your comments. 1st cycle went well yesterday. Feel a little queszy this morning but have meds from the hospital to stop this. Also have a wig on order as also not having cold cap. Look forward to reading your future posts. Xx

Glad first one went well Jodie…the next few days will be a learning curve as you will see how your body reacts. Hope your SE’s are minimal and you are ok xxc

Hello. Iam Sangeetha 35 yrs . Iam new to this place and new to this grp .no more tears …my eyes dried almost … myhemo is on Tuesday in West Middlesex .iam totally blank …I need help to know abt chemo does it pains and confused whether to use cold cap …thanks in advance

Hi sangeetha sorry to see you here but welcome

Best advise for you is drink plenty of water stay as it helps with other side effects also do not suffer if you are unwell call your oncology team they can give you medication to help with side effects

Come on here and talk to us I find it’s sometimes easier to share on the forum than with my family
There will be times when you are scared BUT there will be good days too it is not all bad x

Sending you love and hugs and you can private message me too if you want to xxx

Thanks a lot for all ur replies …makes me little better …let me search December thread and will txt there