Starting Docetaxel tomorrow - EEEK

Hi ladies

So, episode 2 of chemo begins tomorrow and I am petrified. Had EC and that didn’t work, so they’re starting me on Docetaxel tomorrow. I’ve had my steroids today (been told I need to take them today, tomorrow and Friday?) and am aiming for a fair few litres of water today to start flushing my system…

I was wondering if there were any tips you ladies who have been through (and are currently going through) could give me to ease any side effects? I’ve got Metoclompromide (sp?) for sickness already in reserve…

I’ve looked through the chemo threads, but was really looking for advice from ladies who have secondaries, as we have a different state of mind about treatments etc…

Thanking you all in advance - Stay positive ladies

J xxxx

Hi Poannie

I don’t have secondaries but have recently finished 3 x docetaxel and for me the SEs were very different from the 3 x FEC I had before.

I felt nauseous but nothing like on FEC and the sickness tablets worked well.

The worst for me was the horrible sensation & taste in my mouth, the aches in my back and legs and fatigue.

One thing to watch out for is the effect it can have on your nails, there are several separate threads on this and I found that putting them in ice during the chemo has made a big difference.

Good luck for tomorrow
DaisyGirl xx

I don’t have secondaries either, but in terms of Tax, the nausea is generally not a problem… being high with steroids can cause sleep deprivation, so be prepared to ask for sleeping tablets to help… I’ve had not just taste problems, but raw throat too, and sore nails. Nail varnish (dark) recommended by my unit to keep the light out of the nail bed. For some reason whilst I felt worse towards the end of the first week than I had on FEC, by the time it got to the third week, I felt better than I had on FEC - much more energy and “normal” life… hope that helps… Jane

Hiya, just finished Docetaxel this week, and having a similar time as
I have to confess, tax to be harder than fec was.

Hey up :wink:

I have to say it, I’ve found Taxotere/Docetaxel harder than FEC. More SEs for me too, however, I’ve just had Chemo Number 5 and there is an accummulative effect to consider too RE: Fatifue etc.

I’m Primary so can’t comment on your specifics.

My Oncologist says that the taxane based chemos are far more aggressive and are newer treatments, they hold a lot of sway for them and they do a LOT for most peoples chances of reoccurence and shrinking of tumours. So worth it.

As long as you get any SEs under control and deal with the fatigue then it’s probably your best shot but it isn’t easy.


Hi I have sec to lungs but am on carboplatin /taxol was on fec tax for prim it’s hard to tell se as everyone diff tax dosent norm cause sickness but I got loads aches pains with tax just try get in with the pain killers as soon as aches happen pm me if u wanna chat tc Laura

Hi I have secondaries to lungs and am having my last Tax of 6 tomorrow,hopefully,I have to say its been very hard but do able, your already doing a good thing by drinking plenty fluids ,it does help. also i had to change my sick meds to cyclozine because the stuff they gave me in chemo ward didn’t work. they give you some in the IV to start you off but you must take tablets 6-8 hours later even if you dont feel sick, That was a mistake I did n’t make twice !! The SEs are cummulative, I am suffering from increasing fatigue,my nails on hands and feet going a funny colour and neuropathy in feet.Do agree about pain relief don’t wait til it gets bad, I have pain in legs and feet.I don’t want to paint an awful picture of Tax, it’s not nice but its the best treatment , it also gives you down days and thoughts of giving up but here I am and having my last one tomorrow,and the biggest and most important thing for me is its worked !! my breast has almost returned to normal , as for my lungs I will have to wait and see next week I have a CT scan,but my ONC is very happy with the results so far, I know I will never be cured but I have to give this my best shot no matter how hard it is.
Sorry for the waffle but I know just how you are feeling, good luck tomorrow, big hug for you.

Hi, I don’t have secondaries but have moved from EC to Tax.

Tax is MUCH easier for me. Yeah, I get aches and pains but I have fibromyalgia so intense aches in muscles/joints is daily sh*t for me anyway and I have developed a high tolerance for it. That’s not to say it doesn’t hurt me - it hurts like cr@p, but I’m just used to pain. My plus point is that I no longer have 9-10 days of nausea and I don’t need TTO anti-emetics so no more constipation.

Just want to echo what Ninja has said, TAX is def better than FEC for me aches and pain CR@P but def better and no being sick - tho happy now no more injections, finished antibiotics, hair growing back and nails still long ‘n’ strong im convinced its the healthy eating, almond oil moisturising, dark nail varnish and putting in ice whilst tax going in … love to all on tax - Shar xx

Thank you everyone for your comments… After a long delay waiting for my actual treatment to start, it was only just over an hour for the infusion from start to finish. I don’t feel too bad as of yet, probably from the gallons of water I’ve drank over the course of today. They’ve given me extra anti-sickness tablets in addition to my metoclompromide, and have given my hubby 7 days worth of boosting white blood cell injections to give me. They’ve also given me a schedule of reducing my steroids…

I’m hoping that the fatigue isn’t too bad - although sleep is always good whenever it arrives!!

Thank you again for your words of wisdom - makes me feel not so alone


ur welcome, i have finished my injections now, i too had 7 to have, all done - there really is light at end of the tunnel. glad u dont feel so alone, i got that from here too, its really invaluable. Lots of love to u xx

I’m actually mildly amused that I am still awake at this hour… Fatigue where are you?