Starting Eribulin

Hi there, I’m new to the forum and I am about to start Eribulin chemo next week. I am just wondering about any side effects and also how long people have been on it for. Thanks so much!

Hi peggy

If you look further down the page on this part of the secondaries forum you will see a thread called (something like) Eribulin chemo buddy…

On it lots of us have written about side effects etc of being on Eribulin over the years so it is worth having a quick read. It seems that various treatments go in cycles so at times there’s no one on them and other times they are used a lot so it depends at the moment how many ladies are on it as to current experiences.

I was on it last year until it was shown not to be effective but I had also been on it a couple of years ago but my oncologist at the time had said I would only have 8 cycles. It is however a chemo regime that can be given many more times than 8, it just depends how you tolerate it and obviously if it is still being effective. I think Helen44 had about 23 cycles and, between the 2 times I had it, I had about 20 cycles.

The main side effect for me was hair loss where I lost about 50% of my hair, not a good look although hair does start to grow back but for me it looked very straggly and thin, not everyone gets this. I did also have a low white blood cell count and had to have gcsf injections (which increase your wbc) however, not everyone needs these either. I did find that I didn’t need to take the steroids that are almost always offered, I just didn’t want to take them and I coped fine without having them so don’t feel you have to have them, it’s up to you whether you do or not.

Good luck with Eribulin and have a look at the other thread, it should help you get a better idea of what to expect.

Nicky x