Starting Exemestane after hving side effects with Letrozole

Hi Im about to start to take Extemestane and really worried about starting to take it due to having had difficult side effects when I took the Letrozole.I had felt very tired all the time very low in mood and my memory and cognition had all gone to pot. Im wandering if theres anyone in the same position as me. I have just started to feel more like my old self as have had a break from taking the tablets for a couple of months and now Im so worried I will end up with similar symptoms that I had with the letrozole and its really hard as Im working and really cant funtion properly with these side effects. would be good to hear from any who could help or someone going through similar problems .


Hi Corrina

I changed from Anastrazole to Exmestane this Spring. Like you I had a break in between, which left me feeling anxious about starting another tablet, as the break was so nice! Anastrazole wasn’t good for my mood or poor  joints. I can honestly say Exmestane has been much easier to tolerate, with no joint pain and much improved mood. I do struggle with some fatigue and insomnia, but am finding an over the counter tablet helps with sleep, I just wished I’d tried it sooner! Good luck x


I think that’s what I told myself, just try. I’m committed to taking tablets and also worth remembering lots of people manage without rotten side effects, just a safe place here to discuss. X

I’ve been subscribed Exemestane today collecting it tomorrow for the same reasons as you Corrina, terrible joint pain so I’ve got fingers crossed this will be better can’t live with the pain in my hands it’s been really bad! 

Also like you am worried about starting it! 

Keep in touch xx

Hi again Corrina. I was advised to take my tablet at night to help manage any nausea. It did pass quickly and I now take in the morning. X