Starting FEC Chemotherapy

Hi All, 


I am 47 YOA and due to start FEC chemotherapy on the 14th Aug. 6 sessions (1 every three weeks) I’m feeling very anxious about chemo and wondering what I can do to prepare for it. I also have fibromyalgia and arthritis and concerned how u will cope with the effects. 


Is is there any lovely ladies out there also starting Chemo this month? My friends and family have kept there distance and am feeling quite overwhelmed with it all. 

Hey Monty19.


sorry you find yourself on this website ?

please look and see if anyone else has started a chemo thread for August.  If not then you can start if off but think i’ve seen something on here already.

good luck with your forthcoming chemo…we’ve all been there my lovely… just take it one step at a time… mini mad xx??

Hi Monty19,


Nice to meet you, although I’m sure that this is a forum which neither of us wanted to join!  I am about to start chemo this week (Wednesday 7 August), and like you will be having 6 sessions, one every three weeks. I have a lump which is HER2+, and so am having neoadjuvant chemo prior to surgery.  I will be having two sessions of EC, then four of docetaxol plus Herceptin and Perjeta (followed by Herceptin injections for a year). 


Like you, I am a bit overwhelmed with everything and anxious about the side effects of the chemo, particularly as these are so unpredictable.   I had my chemo pre-assessment with the oncology nurse today, and found that this was useful as I could ask questions about the most likely side effects and how to deal with them (e.g. she told me which over-the-counter medicines could be used, and when to call the chemo helpline for stronger medication).  She also gave me a list of things not to eat because they interfere with the EC treatment.  I was also shown the chemo unit and was able to talk to a couple of people who were having treatment, which made me feel less anxious. No doubt you will be offered a similar pre-assessment, which hopefully will help you too.


I have also been looking at the tips on this forum about how to prepare, and so far have followed some of them (e.g. booked a wig appointment, packed a hospital bag, bought an ear thermometer, cleaned my house with antibacterial products, filled the freezer and stocked up on ginger/mint products to help with nausea).  Putting a few preparations in place has helped me to feel less overwhelmed and a bit more in control.


I understand what you mean about other people keeping their distance, as I have had this from some of my close work colleagues (who I also socialise with outside work, but who seem to have dropped me off their radar since I was diagnosed and was signed off work).  I think that they just don’t know what to say, and so they say/do nothing.  I was initially very upset by this, but now am trying just to move forward with the people who do support me, and with people I have recently met who are also going through cancer treatment.  I have found that I am making some new friends who understand how I feel, both in real life and also on forums like this.  I have joined the August chemo thread, where hopefully we can all support each other as we find our way through this new (and very scary) experience.  Maybe you would like to post there too, and then we can keep in touch and encourage each other over the next few weeks.    We will both get through this, I’m sure.


Take care,


Blackcat x




Hello Monty19


Sorry to hear that your family & friends have distance themselves from you, but I am happy we have a safe space here to get in touch with people who have been through it or going through it for support.


I am 49 years old and start my first of six rounds of FEC-T chemo today 13 August 2019. I had a wide local excision  on 25 June 2019 and the 3 lymph nodes removed were clear. Tested ER+ and HER-. I thought I would go straight to radiotherapy 6 weeks post op but it was highly recommended I have 6 rounds of chemo as I tested 43 on the Oncotype test. I also have to have my first of many Zoladex injection in my abdomen.? I think I am more stressed out about that than the chemo. I am going to give the Paxman cooling cap a go too!


Like you I have looked on the forum to prepare myself for the unknown. So here is what I am taking with me to my first session today: blanket, layers of clothing, fragrance free all natural conditioner, large tooth comb, headband, warm socks, spray water bottle, Ritz crackers, salted pretzels, ginger & lemon tea bags, hot chocolate, sugar free hard boiled sweets, water bottle, fruit infuser bottle, a mug, chicken soup, iPad, downloaded movies, headphones, colouring book and my partner. Probably overdoing it but even though I visited the ward I didn’t know what I would want or need. I read to take snacks & things that you would enticed to eat. 

My stomach has been in knots for the last 3 days. It’s the fear of the unknown. 


Good luck & remember you are you are not alone in this. We can do this!!