Starting FEC


Have just been told that I will be starting FEC on friday for 3 doses and the 3 doses of taxotere. Any advice would be greatly apprehiated. I am terrified.
Have read the posts of hints which have been fab.

Thank you


Hi Anne,

I am about to have my 2nd FEC on Tues. Please don’t worry it isn’t actually that bad having it. A cannula is put into your hand and they put the chemo 3 types through that. My first the pink one was slowly syringed through and the second two through the drip. It was all a bit boring and the cold cap I wore was by far worse. Felt sick within a few hours but nothing to terrible.They will send you home with anti -sick drugs,and after that tired for 2 days and then back to normal, what ever that is now. Unfortunately my neutrophils were right down on Thurs and ended up in hospital overnight with antibiotics and a dose of neutro -something! to boost white blood count so I can have 2nd on Tues.
Try and not worry the worst part for me is being away from my little ones but we will do this and kick this bitch of a disease into touch, you can tell I am watching the rugby.
Stay positive let me know how you go.
Good luck

I had 3xFEC and just finishing 3x Taxotere. I had my 5th dose yesterday.

#1 FEC was fine, no worries, felt a little sick but not too bad, back in the gym by day 3!!
#2 FEC was AWFUL, but…LESSON LEARNT, SHOUT IF YOU FEEL RUBBISH, they doubled my steroid dose and so…
#3 FEC was perfect, no side effects whatsoever. Great, just in time to switch to…
#4 TAX had delayed reaction and side effects didn’t hit til day 3, aches and pains, they a sore and yakky mouth, but no sickness

Once you know the routine and know what’s coming, it is better and I promise you the apprehension is worse than the treatment.

My lump had shrunk from 5.3cm to 2.4cm, but now even more - the consultant said it now felt ‘insignificant’. I have done coldcap throughout and it has worked for me, so although it is uncomfortable and adds another hour to your treatment I feel it was worth it.

Best of luck, it is not nice at times - but you will be OK.


Hi, I have had 4 FEC and have just had 3rd of 4 Taxotere. With the FEC I had no sickness (take the tablets you are given and if they don’t suit you ask for different ones). We are all different in our reactions to drugs, but for the first week after each one I suffered heartburn and constipation, if you do too, Gaviscon helps (the 12 hour tablets are better than the liquid) or ask your oncologist to prescribe something for it. Also maybe Senna tablets from the chemist will help with any constipation. You may also feel a bit tired.

We had no cold cap on offer at my hospital, so my hair started to fall out about 11 days after the first FEC. It will feel uncomfortable! My husband and daughter cut most of mine off and then clipped it down to 6mm. A few days later my husband shaved it off for me. What a relief! You will need something on your head at night as it will feel cold, and hopefully you have some scarves/bandanas/hats and a wig ready and waiting. The good news is that once I started on the Taxotere the hair started to come back.

None of this is pleasant I know, and like you, I was terrified, but you WILL do it, and survive.

Best wishes


After the first week of each was over I was fine.

The other have given you wonderful information/advice…i’ll just add that your first ‘wee’ after FEC will be red from the ‘‘E’’ drug…so don’t panic!

Hope all goes well with your treatment.

karen x

Hi , am also due to start at the end of Oct
was interested to hear about hair coming back after the fec is finished as I will also be on taxotere. was this the same for everyone on this board ?

Thank you so much for all your replies - they have made me feel so much better.
I was diagnosed 30th July - had wle and snb 21st aug and then had to go back for mastectomy and aux. node clearance and decided on immediate ld recon. The results are fab.
Just want to crack on now with this chemo - so I can get on with living.
I have two young children and having my first taxotere 21st December - hope I am well enough for xmas? Or if I have problems who will I speak to - everywhere will be shut - will ask drs to cover me for everything I think - just incase.

Thank you

Take Care, Love


Hi Anne,

I imagine the chemo helpline at your oncology unit will still be operated over christmas so if you have any concerns you should still be able to talk to someone.

Take care
karen x