Starting radiotherapy 13/May/19

Hi girls, I’m starting radiotherapy on Monday for 3 weeks ,15 sessions. Also due to start tamoxifen, not sure if I should delay it till the radiotherapy has finished, as concerned about side effects as well as dealing with radiotherapy. Has anyone started both at the same time ?

love Pam 

Hi just wanted to let you know I had already been taking anastrozole for 2 months before I started my radiotherapy therapy treatment but if you have any concerns maybe you could give your breast nurse a call? Wishing you good luck. Once you get started they will whizz by.??

Hi p67anne


i held off starting my hormone tabs same reason as Jill, didn’t want conflicting side effects needed to know in my own head that the sides effects at the time were from rads 15 + 5. I started my tabs 4 weeks after rads had finished and my onc was ok with this.    Do what you feel happy with. :heart: