Starting radiotherapy on Monday

I’ve, had 6 now out of 25.

I have noticed that the skin being zapped is turning a darker colour now. Already it is feeling a bit sore, I think I will have to give up wearing a bra because thats not helping.

How about your arms ladies? I find my arms are really hurting whilst having rads, and then trying to sleep at night is painful too.

P xx

I have had 4 so far. Another 8 to go. I have taken to wearing sports bra again & asked bcn for a softee. Occasionally skin feels sore but nothing noticeable at moment.

I have 4 zaps. The last one for what appears to be only 15 seconds. I count the seconds as the siren thing goes off.

My arms are feelin tired. I think because of being held up in stirrups for 20 mins 3x a week. I am trepidated about lymphodema as before this I was already told I had it slightly. I am also having rads to armpit which increases lymphodema further. Oh happy days!!

I had 5th I think Herceptin yesterday after rads. was tired then. But not yet noticed any tiredness. Has anyone else.

Hi Peacock…:smiley:

I started my rads on Friday - so second one today… I know Peacock from another site - we both have the same type of cancer…

Katie - I am at the Freeman for my rads as well… I had my chemo and mx at the Wansbeck in Ashington…

Peacock - since we last spoke I have had all my results etc and they were pleased…:smiley: The tumour was 2.1cm by time they did the op but that was more like a 2.1cm “string” rather than a spherical tumour… With the lymph nodes they found 6 and 1 had cancer cells… so all in all good results…:smiley:

Hi Rhapsody and all

Am halfway through my 3rd week now, I’ve been told not to wear a bra as it seems the skin is getting fragile and a bra would rub. It’s not too sore, but I’m doing what I’m told. The remaining breast will be on my knees by the time rads are finished LOL

Glad to hear you are doing well since your op, and considering the type of cancer I am so pleased you had good results. How did the op go? You are just a little bit behind me aren’t you with treatment.

Take it easy all

P x