Starting radiotherapy on Monday

for 5 weeks, so almost the end of my treatment. It seemed like eternity when my chemo started, but that finished in October and since then I’ve had a mx. I’m looking forward to getting this part of the treatment over and done with.

I will still be having Herceptin until August though, but I don’t really count that as treatment.

Anyone else starting on 5 Jan?

Hi peacock,wishing you well for the last stage of your treatment. I am having my rads planning on the 9th January and not sure til then when it starts,but i should think fairly shortly afterwards.

How come your having rads with a mastecomy? I have to because i had a lumpectomy,sometimes i wonder wether a mastecomy would have been better as i’m a bit worried with possible side effects of rads ie lungs/heart

wishing you all the best Tracey.

Hi Peacock

I’m starting rads tomorrow (2nd) but only 15. I had a lumpectomy in June, followed by chemo (finished a month ago) now rads + 5 years hormone treatment (started last week). I too am wondering why you are having rads after a mastectomy.
Like you I can’t wait to get the rads over and done with although I’m not worried about them (might have changed my mind this time tomorrow!).

Take care


Hi all

I too had rads after mastectomy and lymph node clearance. I had 20 which finished in the Summer. I also had the rads to 3 different areas, the lymph nodes under my arm, the chest wall and the lymph nodes near my collar bone. I had an agressive cancer and assumed it was because of this that I had the rads. I feel reassured that I have had so much treatment and if I do experience recurrence I know it wont be because of the lack of treatment which I feel has been very thorough.

Happy New Year! xxx

I am having rads after mastectomy because I had grade 3 cancer with a lot of vascular invasion which can increase risk of regional recurrence.

I also start radiotherapy monday. 12 for 4 weeks. I was dx Feb 08, mastectomy, lymph node clearance, chemo ended nov 08 and on Herceptin until oct 09 and Arimidex.

Thanks to all for your replies and I am glad I’m not the only one having rads after mx. I assume that they are just giving it as much as they can to try and prevent recurrence, but as I am having treatment in France I wasn’t sure if this is just how its done here. Obviously not though as Starfish, msMolly and Cora have had the same.

My rads will be around the entire breast that was like a square.

Good luck to us all and lets hope it gets well and truly zapped.

I’ll second that Peacock.

Had my first dose today - no problem!


good luck everyone. I finished my rads on new years eve, having 15 in total but just to the breast. I now have a tanned rectangle shape to try to keep out the sun. I found rads quite a shock first time as they did not warn me about the sirens and jumped out my skin when they went off. It is bizarre being on the table with your arm behind your head and people drawing over you with felt pens and measuring you with protractors and green laser lights from the ceiling. They talk in degrees and measurements to be very accurate and then go ‘perfect’ ‘perfect’ and run out the room and leave you there!! There is no pain at all, unless your arm movement is restricted as it has to be out of the way. No needles is the best news and my whole visit from in to out was under 10 minutes, about 2 minutes treatment. The journey is the worst bit as it is every day. Make sure you have aqueous cream and I started using it before the first day. It is like a sunburn and it gets you from the second week, depending on your skin tone. I have dark hair and don’t burn in the sun and had no problem but sore for 2 days after I finished as you keep cooking apparently!! Like a microwave. You get reviews too, so get ready to be a page 3 girl again for a while!!! Well done for getting through chemo and this bit should be a breeze.
Lots of luck
Lily x

Hi Peacock,

Only just saw this as I haven’t been on much lately… Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I hope the five weeks go quickly for you!



P.S.What have they recommended for you to use as a cream over there in France? Just curious to know if it’s different from the aqueous cream here…

Hi Peacock,

Best wishes for tomorrow! I think I’ll be starting just as you finish (12th Feb), also after a mastectomy.

Good luck,

hi, i finish my cmf on friday 9th, and go for my rads consultation on the 16th to clatterbridge, not looking forward to it to be honest but i think its like anything else with this treatment you always wonder what its going to be like, its the waiting but once it starts then at least its another step towards the end of treatment, i too have had a mx and full node clearance, they told me they want me to have rads for precaution due to the fact that i had two tumours, one was a grade 3. it doesn’t bother me that much because at least i know they are being thorough, i start herceptin soon as well not sure if that is for 6 months or 12, still waiting to see what i’ve drawn with the trial. good luck with the rads, x

Hi Lomalinda
Hope all is going well for you, how are you doing now?
Aqueous cream - now there’s a question. As far as my research has gone, it is not possible to buy it here so I don’t know what people with eczema do. I asked the radiologist today, took my 3 creams along (1) aloe vera gel, (2) a cream called biafine which is specifically given for burns and (3) dexeryl, which is just a mix of liquid parafin and vaseline - she told me that none of those were suitable, and just to use almond oil.
Anyway, first one done and I was surprised how long I had to lay on the machine, in all for about 20 minutes. My poor arm was killling me even though I’ve been doing my exercises and haven’t really had a problem using my arm. That position though is quite difficult isn’t it, did anyone else find that?
Hope we don’t get snow tonight because it might stop me from getting to the hospital tomorrow, so fingers crossed.
I also asked why I was having 25 rads, and was just told that its the “protocol”
Good luck everyone

Hi Peacock,

Glad you’ve knocked one session off. Will you be 20 minutes every time, or was that just for the first one?

Seems strange they haven’t got aqueous cream over there (although almond oil does sound much more chic!). Could you order some and get it sent out, or would it arrive too late? I’ve got most of a huge pot already as I was slathering it on my feet when they were red and sore with the tax, and am still using it on my hands too. Actually, maybe we’ve got it wrong, and I should try almond oil too??

Good luck for the next 24!


had my first rad treatment on monday, everything fine I used the aqueous cream as directed changed my shower gel for simple soap (this they tell me is supposed to be better than shower gel as not so many things added?) guess what I am allergic to the soap so now have a rash all over upper body!! Had to see the dr today but am back to my normal shower gel and rash has started to improve. the dr says that the shower gel i use normally is fine??. I don’t mind but we will see.
I to was suprised by the alarms and the amount of pen marks they make but the treatment so far is ok.
good luck to everyone

Hi Peacock,

Well I hope that you are now 3 down & the snow hasn’t held things up.
I’m O.K. ….glad to have my rads out of the way, feels a bit weird, but then this is a weird time of year!
I agree with Julie; the almond oil sounds v. nice. I SO hated the white cream. I was still so tender from my op that I dreaded applying it (and it gave me a rash!) so I rebelled and used my aloe vera gel in the end. Hope your skin holds up well. Mine just started to ‘turn’ at the end (3 weeks).
I had a really thin, soft silk scarf and I started wearing it under whatever bra or bratop I had on. It really helped!

Oh, and it might be too late now,as you will have been ‘set up’, but my team had a little gel pillow which they used to put under my shoulder.
It’s amazing how a little discomfort escalates when you have to stay stock still!

Anyway, best of luck to you & everyone else!


I have been given a tube of aquaeous cream and told not to use too much each time and none before rads. I have had 2 sessions so far. I find it a daunting experience. What with the sirens. Being left alone on that bed. Something like Dr Who. I keep telling myself thousands have been through it.

I like your description Starfish, I’m sure one day the Cybermen will turn up - then I don’t suppose I will need zapping then but as long as they bring David Tennant with them LOL.

Yes Lomalinda, 3 done now but I am fed up - the travelling is 1 1/2 hours each way - shut me up please I’m just having a moan!

I had quite a nasty fall last week, I fell down about 2 feet, straight onto my bottom and ouch it really did hurt. I seemed to fall onto my “bad” arm too so that is making holding the position worse. I was winded, and consequently my chest has also been very achey since - but it seems to have got worse since having the rads so I just wondered if the fall & rads don’t mix well together. I am a clumsy mutt at the best of times but when you have a weakened body it seemed even worse and I am still feeling sorry for myself.

How many “zaps” did/do you all have? I seem to be having 6.

How long did it take for your skin to feel ok again Lomalinda? I’m dreading having 5 weeks when quite a few mention that they have sore skin after 3 weeks so I must get out to get the almond oil - he said olive oil was ok too.

Bye for now to all and good luck

Hi: Just a quickie - I have just started rads - 3 down, 12 to go - but have been using the aqueous stuff as shower gel for about a month. It leaves your skin beautifully smooth and saves having to pile on the body lotion afterwards - too lazy. Try it, it may help.

Have heard the Nelsons burn cream can also help (it is homeopathic) but haven’t tried it yet but will wait to see if I need it. No reactions so far SFSG (so far so good).

Good luck to all


HI, started rads on the 5th, have done 5 now out of 20. I’m freckly and fair skinned, so expect will start to burn soon, but so far so good. A walk in the park after chemo, but very strange being drawn on by strange men, and then manhandled and moved around. I’m at the new Cancer centre in Newcastle - very flashy but quite clinical compared to the way the chemo nurses were. Feel like I’m a sausage at the butchers!