Starting radiotherapy

I have to start my radiotherapy on august 22nd. I am to have 15 then 5 boosters … a friend told Mei am to use cream before I start, I can not get an appoint with my doctor to discuss what I need till 23rd so can someone tell me what cream that they used before, during and after treatment thank you jo 



They generally recommend that you use E45 and to apply it 2/3 times a day whilst you are having rads and for the two weeks after you finish.  If you go on to the August 2017 radiotherapy thread you will be in touch with ladies who are currently going through radiotherapy or are like you about to start them. 


Make sure you also keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluid so that it counteracts the possible dehyradation that rads can cause and lead to fatique, again they recommend at least 2 litres a day.


Helena xx

Hi start my Radiotheraphy on the 24 August 15 treatments, boosts are added in the radiotheraphy , be a bit tireing every day but think I can cope with anything now, can’t wait to ring that bell.

Hi Jasper and Lesley


I’m starting on 22nd so we are all almost in sync! I have 25 though :frowning:


As the Lovely Ladybowler says, the August thread is really helpful (already for me) so hopefully see you on there?


With very best wishes to you both. 





Starting rads 7th Sept . Can anyone tell me which is better morning or late afternoon  to have treatment.? Been given late afternoons.