Starting Rads in July 2012

I’ve just been to the hospital today for a CT scan to plan my rads treatment. I shall be starting on 9th July & wondered if there are other ladies starting in July who would like to join me here & hold one another’s hands in a virtual sense. Although this is a recurrence for me after 6 years I never had radiotherapy first time around so I’m a newbie where this is concerned.
Met the staff at the unit ( and I should clarify now that my treatment is private due to my employer’s medical insurance so my experience may differ slightly to those treated on the NHS) & they all seemed very nice & friendly. I have opted to strip in the treatment room rather than change into a gown beforehand ( have become very blase about nudity now…lol). Had to lie on a weird contraption whilst they made various marks on me ( which will wash off eventually) & then had 3 small tattoo marks ( centre, left & right hand side) to line me up with the machine each visit. These are permanent but very small. I have to lie with my arms above my head but felt very comfortable. In fact I started to nod off whilst they did the scan…thank goodness not enough to start snoring though!

Been told aqueous cream in king & to wash with Simple soap. No under arm shaving ( removes layer of skin) & only use special deodorant on rads side with no metallic content. Drink lots & rest lots. Peak effect on body two weeks after treatment finishes ( I’m having 15).
Feeling a little more reassured now I’ve visited. Two weeks more to get over chemo as much as possible (final Tax was last Monday but currently still fighting an episode ofcellulitis in my lymphoedema arm.
Twinky x

Twinky ,
Love the pic of the rabbits , Are these the ones that live under the bed ??? you have not spoken about them recently .
Looks like we are the only two people having rads in July
At the hospital on Wednesday to sort out all the details. not looking forward to going to the hopsital every day for rads bad enough every three weeks for chemo.
Have a good evening
Love Rosie xx

Starting Radiotherapy on Tuesday - 15 sessions. My local hospital do not do Radiotherapy so have to travel 12 miles to nearest Radiotherapy Unit. Nervous but also glad to be starting final stage of treatment. Had a meal out with work colleagues last night to celebrate my 50th, which is on Monday, so hoping once radiotherapy done can think about getting back to work

Janelle …
Welcome to the July rads clubs

Happy birthday for Monday

Love Roise xx

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Twinky,
Rads is really far far easy than chemo. The 15 or so minutes is not bad compared to 3-4 hrs of chemo treatment. I remember when I had mine for 28days , the everyday trip to the hospital had become a routine even for my children. I had rads during summer holidays and to ask someone everyday to look after the children is too much esp if you need to knock at 8:30Am on a friend/relative’s house just to be in time for you 9Am appt. So I brought my 2 kids everyday. Yes, as in everyday. Fortunately, the hospital has game room and whilst I’m havinpt g treatment my kids are playing wii. I would really suggest that you use plenty of aqueous cream as it helps me a lot. I didn’t have any problem at all with my skin. I have applied the cream about 4-5 times daily sometimes more. Be sure that you also apply immediately after bathing. Would lock myself in the bedroom so I can put a liberal amount on the area and let it dry for a good 15min before puting on my clothes. Though the treatment is really easy and short, physically I felt really tired which they say is pretty normal. Take as much rest as you can and hope everything goes well with you.

Hi Rosie…yes those are the two scamps under my bed bless them!
Hi Janelle…firstly happy birthday for Monday & best of luck for Tuesday. Please come back & let us know how you are getting on.
Hi Giget…thanks for the tip. Not been out to buy any of the cream yet. I assume Boots stock it ( other retail outlets are available…lol)
Twinky x

Hi Twinky
I would go to somewhere like Poundland or Home Bargains, you get a huge tub and its much cheaper then Boots.
Joan xxx

I got my cream from Tesco when i did my online shop - large tub which cost about £3.

hi istart my rads on the 17th july was dx end of april ER+HER- invasive ductal nodes clear had lumetomy on the 11 may
and will have 17 lots of rads pam x

Looks like there are some bargains around if I look! Welcome to Pam x you’re starting a week after me do I shall let you know how I get on.

Twinky x

thanks twinky68 i was told to use aqueous cream or E45 dont know which ones best but got a big pot of E45 from my daughter dont know weather to get me some aqueous aswell when are u supposed to put that on is it every day after ur rads pam x

Hi all starting Rads on Tuesday going every day for 3 weeks (high import trial) have bought some aloe gel 99% which someone recomended but really unsure about what to use. I have ben having a nightmare trying to find a comfi bra through chemo and I am told its really importent to have comfort through rads. I found a vest with hidden support at mataland has built in cups so gives you some shape it was £6 so far really comfi wish I had got more but as I have a draw full of mistakes thought i would try it first.
Well good luck everyone lets hope we all get on well and dont have any nasty side effects like we did on the Chemo. I might even have a little drink to-night as feeling so much better and have not had any since feb so this weekend is the best time before I start the rads, doing well with the smoking down to 6 a day from 25 so getting there but not finding it easy.
best wishes

hi looby60 iv been reading on he a lot of people have been saying alo gel is good so i got some but when went for my ct i ask about use it and was told not to and to use E45 or aqueous i have not had to have chemo so im very lucky and i heard rads are a lot easyer then chemo so i feel for those that have had to have chemo and hope u ladies have an easy time pamxx

Hi all
I finished my chemo about five weeks ago and started radiotherapy last Thursday.
When I went for my planning session at James Cook hospital they gave me a large tub of aqueous cream to use.
I have had two sessions and 13 more to go and they went ok all the staff were very nice.
The cream is very good I just smear it on and leave it to soak in.


Hi, I am halfway through my rads and have been alternating aqueous cream and aloe vera gel. Just want to warn you that aloe vera makes your bra stick to your skin. This is useful if you don’t want your bra to move and rub later on! Just be careful removing bra ( It’s only lightly stuck ,Just peel, don’t yank bra off).
I prefer the aloe vera as its less greasy.

I’ve had 9/15 and the tiredness is kicking in now.

Good luck ladies.

Twinkey68, just popping in from the March chemo thread(have 2 more chemos then rads Sept, 20 sessions). Just wanted to say the rabbits are absolutely gorgeous!!
Bettie xx

Good luck with the rads.

Just realised it’s a week today that I start rads.eeek! Got a funeral & a gig to play between now & then! Oooh sticky bras Foxy…lol…be careful! Glad you like the bunny picture bettie. Pebbles ( the one with the big ears) jumps up on the bed for some treats & petting bless her. Such nice company for me when hubby is working away during the week.

Wish the weather would improve. It is supposed to be summer!

Twinky x

morning ladies my picc line is starting to behave now yayyyy i still get odd pain but nothing half as bad xx

I’m starting rads on 16th July, having 15 sessions. I was scanned, marker penned, MRSA tested and tattooed last week. I finished chemo end of May and everyone has told me rads will be a lot easier than chemo. The only problem is I’m still tired after chemo and not looking forward to feeling more tired. It won’t be at my local hospital so I’ll need to travel quite a way each day. I bought some aloe vera but having bought any aqueous cream yet.