Starting rads this week

I am starting my three weeks of rads this Wednesday, feeling a bit nervous had a problem with my biopsy as the machine wasn’t working properly and some was taken where there was no anestheti Ouch! Need three ops to clear the margins, what can go wrong with my rads? But I am so much luckiers than a lot of people out there. ??

I was luckier than you with my margins all sorted after first op, I have had my ninth rad today, my boob feels sore inside my nipple feels really odd cant really explain it.  My boob is quite red today but I am over half way now.   I was very apprehensive for my first session but you do not feel a thing you just have to lie there.  I think I have worst to come, and do feel quite knackered today but I have the weekend off so having a couple of lazy days and a couple of glasses of wine. Good luck to you and everyone.   Pam