Starting tamoxifen?

Hi all, just a quicky.
I’m starting Radiotherapy tomorrow and started herceptin last week. No one has mentioned anything about when I will start Tamoxifen. Is this usually after rads or during? Anyone Know? I like to know these things, helps me feel more in control of things, well as much as possible anyway :slight_smile:

Emma x

Hi cushkin

I am on Letrozole (other one which is similar to Tamoxifen) and I started this after my chemo and before my rads. I too am on Herceptin. I would give your bc nurse a call and ask if your consultant has sent a letter to your GP advising that you will need a prescription for this. Best to get started sooner rather than later. Good luck with the rest of your treatment. J.

I’m expecting to start tamoxifen after my rads. I think it varies.

hi cushkin, i was told 2 start tam mid april. finished 20 rads last friday. good luck, alex xx


I started my tamoxifen before rads but then I didn’t have chemo. Not sure if this makes a difference x

i had rads 4 weeks after cemo finished
started tamoxifen 2nd day of my rads


Hi thanks for the reply’s, it seems to vary form person to person. I’ll ring my bc nurse to see if she knows. I’m sure they haven’t forgotten about me :slight_smile:

I started tamox the day i went for my surgery results, rads started a month later

Hi I started Tamoxifen on the same day I started rads, exactly 4 weeks after finishing chemo.