Starting taxotere and herceptin for bone mets - tips please!!!

Hi all

Can anyone give me any tips on what to expect with taxotere and herceptin? Am starting in three weeks and wonder if it’s going to be anything like the chemo I had after primary dx 5 years ago. Sounds vain, I know, but will I lose my hair??? Again!!! Taxotere is x 6, herceptin is indefinitely.

Any dietary advice? I seem to remember last time ginger was good but oranges were bad.

Anyone else coping with young children? My daughter is 20 months and I’m nervous about not being able to cope, although her dad is brilliant.

Many thanks.

Alison x

Hello Alison

I think Taxotere usually causes hair loss. Will you be able to have the cold cap?

Herceptin causes very few side effects - people often have a runny nose and sometimes flu like symptoms. Taxotere seems to affect people in a variety of ways. I had a rash, stomach pains and oral thrush. I was prescribed Fungilin pastilles for the thrush. Some people get leg pains.
I also found Rose’s Lime Juice cordial very good for the strange taste in the mouth.
Good luck
Anthi x

Hi Allison,

I was put on Taxotere on my first cycle this time round on 19may…I will just say that our boies are all different reacting to the drugs,different sensitivity level.Keep an eye on the list of side effects that the Oncologist has given to you. Unfortunately for me, I had a very bad allergic reaction all over my body like measles nhence they had to stop it and eventually changed to Taxol(Paclitaxel).So far i had my 3rd cycle(month) today.This one is adminstered every weeks for 3consecutive weeks then 1 week without chemo.Its more frequent but more manageable for me.See how you cope with your regime.I cant have herceptin as Im triple negative,henc only Taxotere then and Taxol now on its own.



Hi its me again,

i forgot to say,Yes i had hair loss after the first session so i decided to shave it of…Since the change of my drugs, now i can see my hair slowly growing back within 2months.My husband commneted that he wondered if I didnt have Taxotere, maybe I wouldnt have had hair loss again.2yrs ago,i had hair looss too with EPIRUBICIN…it grew back very smooth and like babies hair…Lovely.