Starting TC chemo next week

Hi just wondering if anyone else is at same stage as me. I had right breast mx in January and now 4 x TC beginning next week.
I’m 49 with 2 young children and particularly anxious about how I’m going to feel. Would be nice to compare notes !


I had exactly the same chemo as you last summer, so I can talk through with you any concerns. I am the same age as you too!

Just a few things that I learnt along the way…the hardest part is days 2 to 8 when the fatigue is really challenging! So what I would recommend is to organise yourself before hand. Get the food cupboards stocked up and the washing done, because you won’t want to bother with that. And more importantly organise some childcare for that week!! The other weeks you will probably be fine and will be able to carry on as normal. 

I didn’t experience any sickness on this chemo, which seems to be different from other regimes.

You will probably lose your hair round about the 2nd cycle. I had mine cut short just before and glad I did as was shedding everywhere. But it grows back and I’ve just had mine cut for the first time today.

It would probably be a good idea to join the March thread as others will be going through the same as you. I haven’t come across many on TC chemo, so please feel free to ask me anything.

I know it will seem very daunting at the moment, but it is not as bad as you think it will be.

Best wishes

Sue x


Hi HellesBelles,

I am 48 and I had TC chemo this time last year. About now I would have been approaching my 3rd of 4 sessions.  I lost almost all my hair after the 2nd session, was left with a very fine fuzzy covering!! Think baby chick :smiley:  

I did try cold capping but it made me feel claustrophobic and I hated it, couldn’t stand the thought of three more sessions wearing the cold cap! Unfortunately I did feel sick on TC but only for the first few days and it came on gradually. So I’d have chemo late morning/early afternoon and by later that same evening the nausea would have started but the anti-sickness tablets I was given helped. My routine was chemo, with maybe a nice coffee on way home from hospital (because I knew I would be at home for several days), straight into my PJs and, if I could manage it, something light for tea. After the 2nd chemo I started taking the anti-sickness tablets even before I felt the nausea coming on. The longest my nausea lasted  for was about 4 or 5 days. You will feel washed out for at least a week afterwards but I did try and go for some short walks in the fresh air towards the end of that week, it does tire you out but is a great mood booster and helps with sleeping too. The steroids you take immediately before and after each chemo can play havoc with your sleeping. I also suffered from oral thrush, the oncologist gave me a prescription for drops. That cleared up after a week or so and returned after each of my chemo sessions. I couldn’t taste anything and had a horrible ‘furry’ mouth.  Fruit ice lollies were my salvation. I also tried frozen pineapple cubes. Another symptom, which I mentioned to my oncologist, was incontinence (not full blown but just leakage), he denied that this was linked to chemo and suggested it was just my age!!! I have done some research and found other women have suffered this too. Although I’ve listed a few side effects of TC chemo, you may not get these. Having seen other ladies going through other types of chemo at the same time I did think my side effects weren’t as bad as others had so I counted my blessings! This forum was a lifeline for me during my chemo & radiotherapy, also talk to others at your chemo sessions and ask if your hospital has a support group you can attend. Good luck and I wish you well, say yes to any assistance offered from family and friends as they will be ones to get you through this.

Big hugs,

Vik xx

Thanks so much for your replies ladies, I will read properly tomorrow all the very helpful advice you have given.

Hi I am 33 yrs old and due to start TC on the 13th July1 very daunting, as i dont have children i am having my eggs saved for the future. I was diagnosed in May huge shock as my breast clinic doctor told it was just a benign lump as i was too young for breast cancer! To say the diagnosis was a shock is an understatement im devastated.

Ive had breast conserving surgery and im still very sore after this. its hard to accept this diagnosis as i feel fit and healthy. My life is about to take a drastic turn its frigtening to say the least but im positive.