Starting to get worried

Hi I am 44 years old and 3 weeks ago found a lump in my left breast, been to see the GP this morning and she has referred me to the breast clinic.
Should I be worried at this stage ?


Hi Legless, It’s tempting to say to you don’t worry but that really won’t mean much because you will worry - it’s a natural reaction. I will say try not to worry too much, until you’ve been to the breast clinic you don’t know what it is try to look on the side of it might just be a cyst and that’s easy to deal with.

I never found my lump myself, it was discovered on my very first mammogram, and I don’t recall starting to worry then, it was when I went to the recall and my mammogram was on the light box that I thought ‘oh heck there really is a lump’. Once I’d had a biopsy and things started to be dealt with was when I started to worry, but even then it was about how I would tell people and when I would tell them not necessarily about my health and future.

Try to use this forum and website as much as you feel you can/want to, it can be very useful and you’ll find lots of support. Right now the best you can do is take this one step at a time and try not to dwell on something that might not be.

Wishing you all good luck in imagination for your appointment at the breast clinic.


I know it is easier said than done, but try not to worry at this stage. Most lumps referred, turn out not to be cancer. You have done the right thing by going to see your GP and she has responded promptly to ensure that you find out exactly what the lump is. Just keep in mind at this stage that more people leave the breast clinic with news that their lump is something other than BC than vice versa.
And even if it turns out to be BC it is not the end of the world, and you have acted quickly … it took me 6 months to see my GP about the lump I could feel in my armpit and a visit to a second GP before I was referred to the hospital, but I am now well on the road to being cancer free.
So well done for doing the right thing. Hang in there.

Best wishes,


Thanks for your comments.
I will wait for my appointment and let you know how I get on in due course.
Many Thanks

Hi Legless,

The ladies are right to say try to not worry - we all know its hard not to, both my sisters have been refered to the breast clinic with lumps which have turned out to be cysts - it is a worrying time and if you are like me your mind will be working overtime. I myself didnt have a lump, i had a dimple right under my boob, and only got it checked because my sisters had their lumps checked out (our mum had breast cancer 6 years ago)I am so glad I did as it turned out to be something that needed sorting out (I’m 47 and my sisters are 44 & 54).

These forums are fantastic, there is lots of support from all the lovely ladies, i dont post often but do read their advice daily and don’t honestly know what I would have done without them.

Positive thinking helps me get through the days and most of the time its like its happening to someone else and life is quite normal (dont know if i will be saying that after results of my op lol).

lots of love and luck for when you go to the clinic and to all the other ladies posting on here
Tracey xx