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Hi i am 63 years old and was diagnosed with Breast cancer while on holiday abroad on 12th Jan and was asked to fly back straight away if not starting treatment there . Have had to go through all the tests and various biopsies  and now have treatment plan from Oncologist which is 18wks of Chemo starting with EC and then the other combinations . The wait has seemed so difficult and this week going for more bloods for pre chemo and hopefully cardiac MRI which yet to hear if i can have it this Fri and has not been easy . Wonder if other areas have similar waiting  times ? Going for a wig consultation at the Fountain Charity in my local hospital this afternoon so trying to keep busy… anxious about EC have heard terrible experiences …. 

 Hello rbc59

and welcome you to the group none of us want to be in, sorry you are here.  But I thought i’d send a quick reply as its horrible these early days of  waiting and uncertainty, I myself am new to all this too.  I do know though the  waiting for results etc for me was the hardest part, and the weeks leading up to chemo. I found these were really terrible, i was a total wreck!  Expecting the worst.

But I have now had 2 EC chemo treatments, 2 more to go, Then onto the next round. (I am already in a panic about that one, Docetaxol )   So the EC overall I have to say it’s not as bad as i thought it would be.  The steroids they put you on (4 days) seem to be the worst part for me. Send my head all over the place. But I haven’t had any sickness thankfully. I did read about drinking loads of water before each chemo and after which I have been doing, and getting in a walk each day, I find both of these really helps me, and if i need a 20 min snooze i just  give myself that time.  But generally I am still working, part time, seeing a few friends and doing normal things. After this second one i have found my taste has changed, not very nice metallic taste in my mouth.  But so far, touch wood its all ok. I have used the cold cap both times and still have all my hair, just waiting to see what happens there, I keep reading it will be soon. I am day 18 now and hardly any change. Its seems to be so different for each person so it’s hard to know how you will be. But just wanted to let you know it may not be that bad. Also sounds like your treatment plan is all going ahead quite quickly if you were diagnosed 12 Jan.  You can always join the Feb chemo starter group or the March one. 

 sending best wishes  x

This all info my lady it’s great for me and my all family.

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I’m sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and the difficulties you’ve been facing. Waiting for test results and treatment plans can be stressful and overwhelming. Waiting times for cancer treatment can vary depending on the healthcare system and location. It’s normal to feel anxious about starting chemotherapy, but it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s experience is different. It’s good that you’re taking steps to stay busy and taking advantage of resources like the wig consultation. Remember to reach out to your support system and healthcare team for any questions or concerns you may have.