Staying on Ananzrodole after 5 years?

Hi seen a few posts on this and was looking for some feedback… I have just been taken off this after 5 years but did want to stay on it longer, i dont notice the side effects anymore and havent been taking it for 3 weeks and notice no difference either. I was told that because i was BRCA1 and only er plus 2 that it wouldnt be of benefit, most people with BRCA1 are usually triple negative.  I had an aggressive tumor, had chemo, rads, ovaries removed then on ananzordole for 5 years.  I feel like ive lost my security blanket and the explanation is that it probably wouldnt benefit me much and if  i was er plus 2 it may have changed now and no stts to say of benefit, however i did have senital node invovlement and heard people saying that it would then be of beneift, sooo… just looking for opinions and what others have been told before I decide if to go back or not, my doctor is lovely but at the end of the day its my life too.


Look forward to any responses xx


Hi Lisa,


I can imagine it had become a security blanket. I’m fairly new on it, so can’t help from that view, but can I suggest you ring the BCC helpline - I rang with a question and was helped hugely by the calm, knowledgeble person I spoke to, who told me about results from research etc - really helped clarify my mind. It’s definitely your life and your peace of mind.


Good luck, Jo x

Thanks very much jo x good luck on your journey x