Staying posotive 8 years on

I first had breast cancer in 2009 followed by a masectomy and was put on tamoxafen then almost exactly a year later I was again found to have it again in my remaining breast followed by a masectomy but this time I had both chemo radiotherapy after that ended I insisted on a scan which was refused twice anyhow I persevered and finally got a bone scan which showed widespread bone cancer then a couple of months ago I was told I had a number of lesions on my liver and am currently back on chemo but am still optomistic and won’t let it beat me
I have never let it bother me

Hi Angela

You seem to have a very positive attitude. I was the same when it was just in bones as they classed it as chronic illness but unfortunately I have just been told it is now liver. I am devastated to put it mildly. I might feel better once I start new treatment cap.

Positive thinking.


can i ask you ladies what chemos they prescribed for your liver mets??

mom was diagnosed with bone lung and liver mets in june and started erubilin and we just learned its not working and liver is much much worse…

Evening Jolleck

I am going to taking capecitabine for liver starting Monday.

Sorry you mum has not had good results on her treatment. Please feel free to ask any questions.


I had Capecitabine in June and it gave me a mild heart attack! So my Oncologist put me on Venarelbine but a tablet the heart team put me on reacted with that! Just waiting for my bloods to recover so I can restart chemo - this is now into my 8th year of cancer and secondaries - BUT IT WON’T BEAT ME!

@Sooty36 you say 8 Yrs, can you tell me.if this is 8yrs since being diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer? I’m 31 just had my second baby. I had breast cancer in 2009 and in May was diagnosed with bone mets. I’m having a hard time with the thought of not seeing my babies grow up. They told me 3-5 yrs…I’m curious if many people are living longer than that.