stents in lungs

I have widespread lymphangitis which means that my canver has spread throughtout the lymph system in my lungs.
My breathing had been getting worse and on the CT it could be seen there was a growth surrounding the right hand side just after where the main windpipe divides into 2.
Due to my hospital’s pooor communication, I was referred urgently at the end of june but was only seen at the end of august. I had a bronchoscopy on monday which showed that my airway into my right lung is ‘critically narrow’. I’m seeing my onc on thursday and see the chest physician on 18th sept so hopefully they will have some sort of plan.
I looked at cancer research site and found that you can have a stent put into the airway.
Has anybody ever had this done or know anything about it.
I’m really scared that as my lungs have so much cancer they will refuse but really I’m quite well - I climbed Tintagel castle and went down on the beach there on the same day and walked round the Lost Gardens of Heligan the next day so my brea hing isn’t that bad - the steroids have ehlped I must admit though.
Any thoughts on what I should do. I will ask to be seen by the chest surgeon.

Hi dippykate

Sorry to hear your news. Alas, can be no help on this whatsoever, I know, waste of space. But just wanted to let you know that am sure something can be done to help you, and as you said, you are in good health, I prob. couldn’t have done what you did, without being completely breathless and knackered. Make sure you push to get what you want. Get second opinion too if need be.

Good luck with the advice, sure someone will be able to help you on this.

Take care

Hi Kate,

I don’t think they will refuse you this treatment - the whole point is to make you more comfortable. I don’t know of anyone who has had a lung stent but I know of people who have had liver stents and also (I think) stents to aid digestive issues. Not much info I know. I will try and find out a bit more.

Love Jenny


Hi Kate, just wanted to wish you all the best with your latest challenge! with love suzy


My Mum has secondary bc and it has gone to her lungs, she also has Lymphangitis. I read about this and it has frightened me to death. I’m very worried for my Mum she is breathless.She has had her second dose of EC Chemo today previous to this she has had a pleural effsion and had a plerodisis to prevent fluid building up on her lung. She has lived with bc for 23 years. I am really worried about her now. Has anyone else had mets to the lung?


Hi Kate
Again can’t be of much help but just wanted to wish you well and hope that your current treatment continues to make you more comfortable. I have a pleural effusion and am on Vinorelbine which seems to have stabilised my tumour markers but my chest is still tight and I feel more breathless although still trying to run
Holly , what is a plerodisis?

Hi Kathryn,

A Plerodesis is when they stick the chest wall and the lining of the lung together to prevent fluid from building up on your lung. They use a sticky paste to glue it together.