Stepping into my big girl knickers!

So the treatment planned changed due to a micromet on sentinal node. I have had a AND and this afternoon my visit to my consultant/ surgeon will at last give me my ongoing treatment!

I have been with my heavily pregnant daughter to an appointment at the hospital this morning. I think the hospital is my second home, luckily my road backs onto the hospital!

Hope I get good news at last!

Sandra x

Fingers crossed.  Hope you received positive news or at least an end to this limbo land we are in.

Still in flipping limbo! Grrr

The 9 nodes she removed were negative but because mine was vascular she thinks o will need chemo as although I was grade 2 the was getting a bit angry.

Got to wait for oncology appt on 19 th! Looks like I’ll be wig shopping!

Sandra x

Just want to get things moving!
I wanted to go on holiday but looks like it will be next year now.
I don’t think I can face work yet although I went in for the class photo!
I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow…keep us posted!
My consultant did make my mammogram appointment for next feb! Will be back into anxiety mode for that!