Stereotactic Radio

Hi all. Diagnosed with EP Breastcancer in 2019 with 2 nodes. Chemo finished early in 2020 with covid. And just found out it’s back. In my spine. Found out today that I’m suitable for stereotactic radiotherapy that is described as “curative”. Does anyone have any experience of this please. Also on Fulvestrant and Ribo. Thanks all


Dear Alice,

Welcome to the forum, we are all here for you, unfortunately I can’t help you, as I’m not sure what your treatment involves, however I feel sure someone on the forum will be around to
help very soon.

I would like to wish you well, going forward with your treatment
please keep posting letting us all know how your getting on

Biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

I’d love to know more too as in a similar situation. Have 2 spots on spine and one on rib so starting fulvestrant and kisqali soon. No mention of radiotherapy yet anyway.

Tips for Fulvestrant injection - get them to hand them to you on arrival so you can warm them up in your hands. I bring a hot water bottle also to warm my back. Put your weight on the opposite leg you are getting injected so the muscle is relaxed. And tell them to go slowly and if u feel any discomfort ask them to slow down x

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Thanks for the Fulvestrant tips.

Just wondering if you have had the Stereotactic radiation and how you got on?

Last month I was told I’d be put on Fulvestrant and Kisqali but the results of the spine biopsy are back and it’s a slow growing triple negative spine met even though original 2 cancers were ER+.
Now the onco is suggesting Stereotactic radiation after I have PET scan. She wants to me to go back on letrozole again though after a few weeks break as the cancer was ER+ originally.

I haven’t personally had Stereotactic radiation, but it sounds like a significant decision. Sending you positive vibes as you navigate through this. Have you considered seeking experiences on forums or maybe checking out They might have valuable insights or support. Wishing you the best with your PET scan and treatment decisions!