Stereotactic radiosurgery

Just been diagnosed with 2 brain mets following an MRI scan.  Devastated by this as came like a bolt out of the blue.  Feeling really well and have been referred for Stereotactic Radisosurgery. Does anyone have any experience of this treatment.

Hi Level Lady,

Sending you a virtual hug re that bolt out of the blue.

I’ve not had Stereotactic Radiosurgery, but from what I can see they deliberately move the radio beam round from lots of different angles to optimise impact in the location of the mets and minimise the level of radio in the surrounding tissue.

I think they make a mesh type mould to hold your head in a stationary position so they can be mega accurate with the beam. I saw a few of the mesh moulds in the hospital when I had radiotherapy to the breast and think it would really help to try some visualisation or mindfulness when you have the mould made and when in position during the treatment sessions (I’m not medical…it was just my perception when I saw the mesh moulds).

You might want to consider giving the nurses at BCN a bell since I’m sure they could explain the process and how some women feel through it.

Sending another virtual hug and hoping someone who’s directly experienced this treatment replies to you soon. Plus really hope it helps zap the mets with minimal side affects. 

XXX Seabreeze