Steri strips

How long should the steri strips stay in for after a lumpectomy and SNB? Mine feel stingy and sore but am sure that is normal? Thanks for any advice xx

Hi, I took mine off after 5 days as although I tried to protect the area in the shower the dressings were wet and hanging off anyway , I put another on to protect it initially but left it off after a week as it was all healing fine , I’m not suggesting you should do the same without consulting your doctor or the clinic but I had no problems.


It’s normal to feel stingy especially where your nodes were taken. XX Jo 

Thanks for that xx I am just worrying a bit about removing them as it hurts so much. Am also overwhelmed by the emotional side of post surgery. Also normal I expect! Xx

Thanks for your support xxx it’s so helpful to hear how others have managed this emotional and physical rollercoaster xxx