Can anyone help? I had my first weekly chemo on Monday - Tax & Avastin. I am generally ok - tired but no vomiting. Today i have had hunger pangs all day - really severe no matter how much I eat and if I don’t eat I feel really weak. I am guessing it is the steriods. Any advice on how to get through this?



Hi kavir

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Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator 

Hi kavir. Yes its definitely the steroids! I was on dexamethasone for just 2 weeks a month ago and gained 9lb in those 2 weeks,   I ate constantly…day and night. About an hour after eating,  even though I felt full and my stomach looked huge, my brain was telling me I was starving! They also kept me wide awake every night and hyper during the day. 

How long are you on them for? If its long term perhaps they can change them if the side effects are too much.

Love Bev xxx