Sternal pain

I came looking to see about sternal pain. But I wanted to share a scenario. I had routine mammogram and diagnosed with invasive lobular and invasive ductal at age 48. Stage one grade one. Braca negative. I have such fibrous tissue I the breast I opted for bilateral mastectomy. Drastic to some but I could not continue yearly biopsies which was my pattern. Then both breasts went to pathology and showed the entire left and a lot right breast had atypical cells for invasive lobular cancer. So I guess my point is that ladies and men just be educated and do what makes you sleep at night. I would have had breast cancer again within 6 months. Do not be judged or feel bullied. I am just now beginning reconstruction and feel blessed every day for my choice. Highly receptive to estrogen and progesterone but HER2 negative. So reconstruction and hormone blocker for prob 10 years is my future and I am grateful. Good luck ladies

I asked for a double mastectomy but got told that as there is no risk to the other one they wouldn’t do it. Then they say I have to have annual mammograms because I’m at risk :-(. Oh and lopsided and unhappy.

I’m having a double mastectomy, but only after a fight and having to travel well away from my area for it and the reconstruction I wanted. My original team told me what I could have and didn’t seem to like it when they realised I needed to be fully informed and would takes control of what treatment I could live with and without. I now have two wonderful female surgeons (1of whom has had breast cancer) who understand why I have made this decision and support me. I don’t want to be sexist, but all the male surgeons,numbering about 8 turned me down. My biopsy was done on 12 December and due to the men, it has taken me till now to get the confirmation. I should be having surgery in about 2 weeks. I was made to feel I didn’t know what I was doing and pressured by the delays to accept the inferior treatment they wanted to offer me. I’ve since found out they can’t even do the reconstruction I wanted. I was given very little information. They didn’t even tell me I could go elsewhere for treatment. I found everything for myself, including the surgeons. I’m now over 3 months since diagnosis and feel this is really unacceptable. I told them at the beginning that I would require as much information as possible and that I would make an informed and careful decision. They don’t seem able to deal with people like that. I may be paranoid, but I almost feel that the delay and mental torture it has caused me was deliberate to try to make me accept what they could offer too get earlier treatment!

Good for you Fairy Dust. I refused to have surgery with a man doctor. But at Milton Keynes I think it’s three women and one man. I transferred my aftercare to BUPA and had I gone there first they would have done both. Good luck with your surgery. Stay strong ?