Steroid Rage anyone?

Hi I’m on the first Doxetaxel, having not really enjoyed the FEC bit, a new oncologist has beefed up my Dexemethasone - starting the day before.
Good grief, have to seriously pump up on the sleeping tablets, and found the one hour and twenty minute wait in the hospital the next day absolutely scream making. No one around me can do anything right!
Whilst I know it will pass, anyone got any tips?

I mean docetaxel of course!

I didn’t find the steroids really affected me in that way, just gave me energy on the days I took them. I’m back on steroids again now for a completely unrelated condition, 40mg (8 tablets daily) for how long I don’t know. Had them for 28 days up to now, but will need them for longer - roid rage - love it. xx

Hi. Yes I had steroid rage. My poor husband really suffered. He has been brilliant with everything I am going through and so supportive. Luckily the rages only lasted while I took the steroids and pleased to say I don’t have to take them anymore. I didn’t find sleeping too much of a problem except the first night after each Tax when I just didn’t even go to bed but after that I slept really well.

Hi yes the steroids make you lively and loose tongued!

I find all my senses are heightened on steroids…and I am definitely a nippy sweety with my tongue.  I’m getting Docetaxel and herceptin first and that doesn’t help either!

Ade x

Thanks folks, still enraged, but hoping I’m coping!