steroids side effects

does anyone get side effects fromt he steriods - was on minor dose and not starting them beforehand as moving onto tax tomorrow (arrgh!). Felt a bit queasy and back sore at the bottom, not majore but had this before and thought it was something worse or side effects, now wondering if steroids as it started about 1 hour after taking them - unless it is of course nerves! Waffle waffle!

… to be honest Lisa I have got a lot of effects here but not much idea what side everything is coming from …

hope TAX 1 went well for you
love FB xxx

PS A lot of tension in the upper back can cause problems in the lower back - are you shoulders still apart from your ears or have they joined up ? Are you a bit worried or s**t scared ?

Hi Lisaf,
I’ve got acid reflux due to the steroids and I’m on Omeprazole for it indefinitely.
Alli x

Got omeprazole too just in case and have been taking it.
Fix biz, wonder if it is to do with tension as startes when due chemo and first few days afterwards but sholders are nearly at ears! I am also a worrier but on other hand think please no let me just get through this and get back on with life, other times s t scared.

Enjoy your lovely meal and congrats to end of chemo

hi lisa - try doing the lymphoedema exercises … they are very good for the upper back … see if it helps …
good luck … love FB xx

Hi Lisa

My onc has taken me off the steroids altogether cos they didn’y help with nausea and casued such pain in my osophagus (sp?). I’m taking a double dose of Omeprazole. Not sure if this will continue. Have had last FEC on Monday and will then go on to Tax. Good luck with the Tax