Stick on boobs

Sorry, I am posting everywhere at the mo. Trying to absorb as much info as possible. Anyone using Contact stick on breast forms. Are they any good, do they feel like youve got a large plaster stuck to you or can you forget you are wearing them.

Hi Horsemad

I tried a stick on breast form for a few months but didn’t like it. It would take two or three goes at putting the thing on so it was level with my boob and coz of the hot flushes i was having it didn’t stick properly sometimes and you could feel it pulling when you bent forward. Also when removing it at end of day I hated peeling it off, it felt weird. It wasn’t for me anyway.


Can I ask if you are using anything else Lynn or not bothering .

I’m using a light weight one as i have lymphoedema and they are supposed to be better when you have this condition. I’m a 30G i not brave enough to not use anything. I’d knock myself out!!!

sorry didnt finish - I have to wear a bra.