Stick on nipples anyone? How soon? Where from?

I know it’s incredibly early to be thinking about nipples as I only had mx & reconstruction 9 days ago but have started wondering when I might be able to start using one and where others have had theirs made? 

Also how have others got on with theirs - do they stay on well? Feel comfortable?

I was offered them by the hospital breast unit.Took a couple of attempts to get the right colour-match, and they do look quite realistic. The only drawback is that you have to wait a couple of minutes for the adhesive to settle before attaching them, but they will sometimes stay on for a couple of days (have to be careful not to “disturb” them in the shower. I don’t wear them every day as waiting for the glue to set isn’t good if you’re in a hurry.

You can buy stick on nipples on line - a choice of colours and sizes! I got mine made by the Maxillo Facial dept at my hospital. They specialise in all kinds of prothesises form noses, ears, nipples and goodness knows what else! They made a mould from my remaining nipple and then made the new ones out of rubbery silicon stuff, coloured it to match and it sticks on with a copydex kind of glue.

My surgeon is looking into me getting a 3D tattoo for when I don’t wear the stick on (gym changing room etc). But she recommends going to s traditional tattoo parlour as the medical tattoos fade pretty quickly and need regular topping up.