Sticking Around

Hi ladies,
I realy want to thank each and every one of you for your lovely messages,emails and PMs, i have been very touched by your support and kindness towards me, i know the forums are a special place full of very special people, but i quess i didnt realy realise just how much untill these last few days.

Ive spent the whole of today thinking about everything that has happened these last few days, and have come to realise that it would be very silly of me to leave the forums just because i got my feelings badly hurt, when in reality i should only leave the forums when im ready to, not because of any other reason .
So I have decided now that i am going to stick around for a bit,(if thats ok ) for a while anyway, whats that saying " you can knock me down but i will get back up" thats me i quess , i hope i will be able to continue to offer the many lovely ladies here some help and support if i can, i may even post on debates sometimes, as long as they are supportive and friendly , who knows, but im here and im staying at least for now if i can be of any help to anyone.
Theresa and Maggie, please come back to the forums too, many people here miss you.
Love to everyone
Linda xx

Hi Linda,
Well l would like to be one or the first if not the first to say, REALLY pleased you are staying around. Need you oldies!! to help us all along, and to give us the support when we are on our knees!!

Anyway, it was a bit like ‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’ and l have seen your nose and face, and they are just fine and you don’t need your nose cutting off, well not just yet!! lol
Love and Hugs
Sandra xxx

Thanks Sandra, you always make me smile ,
will email you soon
love and hugs
Linda xx

I’m glad you’ve decided to use the forum until you really feel you can live without it.
Any time after diagnosis the forum is available.
I hope you will be able to continue to receive from this forum as well as support others.
I think your decision not to leave is courageous.

I have taken no interest or part in the recent debate and cannot comment in any way but it upset me deeply to know fellow BC sufferers were hurting each other!

This is a place for support. Whenever debate occurs let us disagree with the content but follow respect for each other. This is a tough old journey we are on, we don’t need additional upset!

Your decision to ‘stick around’ I commend.
With my very best wishes from Welsh girl.

Glad you’re staying!
I tend not to get involved in the debates but find the other threads on here a great source of info, comfort and support, and I know that you have added greatly to these so thankyou and glad your sticking round!
love julie x


So glad you’ve decided to stay a bit longer.


Hi Linda

I don’t log on so much these days so I have no idea for the reasons you were departing, I did see that Theresa also said she was going to go - I have no idea why but you must all have very good reasons.

Anyway, I’m glad you’ve decided to stay a bit longer - you were around like me in 2008 when we were both going through treatment, like Theresa too!

I don’t feel the need to log on for advice so much these days but generally look in now and again and chat to some regular buddies.

Take care

P xx

I’ve been around on here since 2006 and I tried to leave around 2008, but something happened in my personal life to pull me back in. I don’t come on nearly as much as I used to, but it’s like a safety net to know this forum is here if it’s needed. Any time I’ve been part of a debate that’s got a bit heated, I’ve just left for a bit until things have calmed down and I admit I have not always agreed with the views of some of the ladies who were on the board,in particular the late Jane RA. Having said that it would be very boring if we all thought the same thing, and this is about being able to rail at things and vent your spleen from time to time.

Life’s too short to get hung up about it.

Thanks everyone,
Hi, peacock, yes i remember when we were all going through treatment together, the class of 2007/8 as i like to call it lol rubbish time ,but what a great bunch of ladies , Hope you are keeping well , nice to see you back on here again. I was sorry to hear that Theresa has decided to leave the forums too, but i can understand why, i hope she will reconsider and come back soon.

Mal, So glad to hear you are doing ok and keeping well , thanks for letting me know about the Tact2 Trial , be good to hear some feedback from it ,ive just seen my trial nurse about a month ago so im not likely to see her again for another 12mths ,but if you could keep me posted on any news that would be great, Thanks .

Take Care
Linda x

Hello all esp, Peacock and Lindiloo

I remember you both when I was also going through treatment in 2008. Nice to know I am not the only one still here! I used to beat myself up about how I “should” be moving on and not coming here but there is something so comforting about these forums and I agree if I want to know anything regarding my BC this is always my starting point. I have moved on in many ways and now I’m not so hard on myself and go with the flow of whatever I am feeling at the time.

I think it’s brilliant this site can be so helpful not just in the immediate treatment period but beyond as well.

Big hugs

Hey Cherub and eal69eal,
How lovely to hear from you both ,its feeling like a reunion lol, how are you both? ,hope you are keeping well. wouldnt it be great to find all the ladies from the class of 2007/8 we could have a real good get together and natter lol.
So pleased to know im not the only one still on here too , was begining to think i might be, i dont come on nearly as much as i use too in the early days ,(every hour of every day lol)but i still cant seem to completely cut the ties, quess the forums becomes like a second family in a way because we meet so many lovely people and share our most worried times, lovely to know you are all still around on here too.
Love Linda x

Linda - As I said before, I am so pleased you have decided to stay. We need everyone’s different opinions in order to get a balance. Anyway, it would not be right if you felt you had been hassled off the forum. You contribute so much and I for one would really miss your comments.

Hope times on here are happier ones for you.

Ann x

Hi Ann,
Thank you so much, i would miss your posts too , so i dont think i could stay away for too long , anyway nobody likes debates in my house so i would be argueing with myself!!
You are a lovely lady and i have enjoyed taking part in debates with you because you always put your points accross so well, ive always found your posts to be knowledgable and well informed on many topics and im so glad you are here to put your views forward.

Linda x

Aaah! Thank you, Linda. How kind!

Love Ann xxx

Love the photo, by the way.

Hi Ladies,

After giving it some thought and some time out - I have had some minor back treatment and surgery as well, I have decided to come back to posting. All you ladies are so supportive and have such a wealth of experience that I can’t bear the thought of being without you all. Thank you and keep the posts coming!

Marjay (Maggie) xxxxx

Hey Maggie,
Im sooooooo pleased that you have decided to come back to the forums, lots of us here have realy missed you , and i for one have always apprieciated your supportive posts and kindness to all the ladies on here , I hate it when people feel put off from posting on BCC for expressing there views, to me everyones view is as valid as anyone elses and everyone should feel free to express them ,
I welcome everyones different views,even when i dont always agree with them lol
Realy happy that you have decided to come back ,the forums need ladies like you .
Lots of love to you
Linda xx

Hi Linda,

Many thanks for your lovely comments. Its what this forum is about.

Maggie xx

Good to see you back, Maggie.
How’s life treating you?
Would love to know how you’re getting on.
Really hope it’s not too bad.Some days are better than others though!

Speak again, Welsh girl x