Stiff neck

Think I might have posted this before but I had a red patch on lower neck on bad side which has just appeared since rads finished and my neck is stiff as if been lying on it for too long does anyone else have this, my mind gone into overdrive as BCN said it should effect my neck???


I also had a very stiff neck after rads. I’m going back over 2 years now but still can have a slight bit of stiffness if I sit in the same position for long. It’s far better than when I finished rads and like you, I was really concerned but it’s just the effect the rads have on the muscle tissue.

It will get better so try not to worry,

Sheana x

Thanks for that Sheana x

Hi ladies,

Lisaf - snap! Have got red patch on my neck as well but only appeared a few days after rads finished. Rest of the treatment area is currently very spotty and itchy (charming!) so still applying the cream very liberally. Also getting stiff neck - notice it more if I have sat in front of computer for too long at work. Add that to all the other aches and pains (which I think are mainly as a result of the Tamoxifen) and I feel just great (!?)

Saw BCN today as the crease under my scar is a bit weepy - typical, using the cream is keeping the area moist so can’t win at the moment. Also took the opportunity to find out when to start making noises about a reconstruction. She said plastic surgeon won’t look until about 6 months after rads finished but to mention it to consultant when I next see him.

As I have got the day off, thought I would just catch up. Were you right, did you get your op date through? Let me know.

By for now and hugs to all

Spongebob xx

Thank god for another stiff neck, although soz you have got it!! red patch is nowhere near my mastecomy site so was a bit worried that it had spread up my neck as really stiff neck and said I shouldnt have but like you, still sitting at work after a full day so hope its hat and hope that headaches are just from rads and stress. Im a bit itchy but not too bad but aches and pains galore.

Well guess what, in major panic mode, no rest for the wicked, appointment for my ovaries out in Gateshead, its on Tuesday coming so very very scared, terrified of hospitals and needles still, feel like doing a bunk, on top of that my friends dad died and then my aunt who has secondaries was given just a few months left. Its really all got to me, the cancer unit said i was just as bad as when first diagnosed as panic that its gone to my brain and allsorts of other things - sorry didng mean to upset you I just got into a state, maybe with Op too!!!

Glad you got day off, off home myself too, weeks notice for Op isnt too good for my work balance!!! AAARRRGGGHHH.

Hope your crease under scar gets sorted soon. She did mention recon to me but i want to wait a while and have a little break and she did say in our area there coudl be a large waiting list, and if you wait for more than 6 mths you can go private on there expense, needs a lot of thinking about so will start after Xmas.

Good luck and keep in touch

Hi Lisaf,

Sorry I didn’t catch you before your ovary op. Hope everything went OK and that you have got some tips for me - I thought my hospital had moved fairly quick to arrange a date but yours has amazed me.

I was sorry to hear about your aunt and your friend’s dad - I know it is easy to say but try not to let it freak you out.

Hows your red patch? Mine went from spotty to bright red and is now starting to peel - it looks like I’ve been ironed! Hopefully it means that it is starting to get better as ‘boob’ is getting quite uncomfortable at times and still getting the stiff neck.

Have decided that reconstruction is a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ so that is my next goal.

Keep in touch

Spongebob xx

Thanks, op went well. was really scared. hurt like hell but recovery quicker, cant do much but up and about already. in one day out next with paracetomal but got some co-codomal today. Docs tried to sign me off for 6 weeks but got them down to 3. my red patch the same, its peeling and looks like a dirty mark. I still have stiff neck which im just hoping is stress and do tend to lie funny. Good luck with recon - i do want it just scared of putting myself through anohter op - might give me self some months off then decide how to go - good luck

Hi Lisaf,

Glad everything went OK. As you were in and out of hospital so quickly I take it that your op was done keyhole. Was surprised that your doc was suggesting 6 weeks off, I had assumed that keyhole meant it would only be a couple of weeks max and that I would be back at work by the New Year (where has this year gone?) I have got my pre-admission assessment on 28 Nov so will ask then.

Spoke to breast surgeon last week about recon. He said too soon to consider yet a while as skin/tissue all needs to settle down and heal first. He did say that when the time comes, the waiting list is roughly a couple of months. (I think that this will probably be my mantra every time I see him now). I agree that the thought of yet another operation is scary but this is one that I actually want - although like everyone else I would rather have not been put in this position in the first place.

I know what you mean about lying funny, I always slept on my side before but now it hurts too much on surgery side and need to be propped up with a pillow on my good side. As both me and OH are not exactly small this doesn’t leave much room in bed!

Keep in touch.

Spongebob xx