stiff neck

I’m nearly on my 3rd dose of ECMF hair very thin and have got stiff neck has any one else had this, is it a result of a bare neck,clear CT scan in Feb could it be anything more serious?Can anyone offer any advice?

Hi Lisa, I

I have had my 4th Epirubimicin today…i have had a stiff neck on the last two cycles and it usually starts around day 5/6. I also get swelling around my neck and i think with me it is related to the steroid based anti sickness medication as this has occurred with the increase in this medication.

I don’t know what other people have experienced.

Love Deb x

Hi Ladies Have had 4 x FEC and 1 x Tax so far, with the FEC my neck was fine but really sore and stiff with the TAX, glands swollen and neck very stiff and sore

Jackie x

Have just had second EC. My bones hurt in the upper half of me ie collar bone, shoulders and ribs back and front. Feel well, no temp. Have more meds than cycle one, that’s the only difference. Who knows how this treatment will affect each of us? I wouldn’t worry too much, Liz, though keep an eye on your temp!

Louise x