stiffness and pain after mx 8 days ago

Hi all,

I had mx 8 days ago with a snb, came home the next day feeling kind of ok, the last 2 days im so stiff, my arm, ribs and back. I also have been getting shooting pains under my arm, I have been doing the exercises that i was given at the hosp but im not sure if im not doing enough or doing too many.

I have only seen my bcn once in 4 weeks since i got diagnosed and i didnt really take to her so as she hasnt contacted me i dont feel comfy ringing her.

Ive also got a numb/sensitive area at the back of my arm. not sure what this is.

I feel a bit on my own as i feel ive got no support, just sent home a week ago and been on my own.

Can anyone help. Im having a pretty down day



Hi Michelle, I’m sorry you are having to cope with this. Its now 8 weeks since my mx and I honestly feel that what you are feeling is normal. All the people I know who have had an mx have stiffened up after the first few days, maybe because we feel ok so do a bit too much or just the healing process I don’t know! The pains under your arm and at the back of your arm are most likely because the nerves were disturbed when the snb was done. I had my axillary surgery in December and still have a few numb bits but its improved hugely. I’m sure in another week or two you will feel so much better, especially if you do the exercises but don’t push it too hard and get plenty of rest and look after yourself.
Take care xxxx

Hi Michelle. Sorry you’re having a bad day, sending some gentle hugs your way.

I can’t help on the mx side of things, but when I had my WLE and full axillary node clearance, I had pain and numbness for quite a while after the op (armpit, back, boob). In fact, my armpit is still numb (op was January). So I wouldn’t worry too much. I was told to do the exercises three times a day, 10 reps of each exercise each time. I didn’t really do that after the first op and recovery was slow. But after my second op I followed the physio’s instructions and I got movement back MUCH faster. So although it is uncomfortable, it is worth persevering with the exercises. Gently though, as your surgery was only 8 days ago.

Are there any other BC nurses that you can speak to instead? There are three at my hospital. It makes a big difference having a helpful ear at the other end of the phone. You could try ringing the BCC helpline instead, I’m sure you’ll find some reassurance from them.

There is always plenty of support on here, so I hope you don’t feel too much on your own. There might be a MX thread that would be useful for you?

Al x

Hi Michelle

As Al has kindly suggested, please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

I am posting a link to the BCC publication ‘Your operation and recovery’ which includes information about what you may expect following breast surgery:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/100/

Take care

Thanks all,

I feel a little more normal knowing that my symptoms are ok, thanks Lucy for the booklet this explains what im feeling.

Bob20, I will do the exercises 3 times a day and see how it goes, also im trying not to push things.

Clematis, Thank you for your reassurance, ive been okish up until today as I felt do isolated.

I will try and ring the clinic and ask for a bit more advice or even if someone can pop out. Ive had the district nurses visit daily but when I query anything they too tell me to ring the ward/clinic.

Big thank you

Take care