Still a bit of a lump after lumpectomy

I can still feel a little bit of a lumpy area in my breast after having a lumpectomy on Wednesday last week?

I fail to believe the surgeon would “miss” something so im just wondering did anyone else have a feel a few days after and feel a hardened lumpy area?

Im having the dressings removed on Thursday so I will ask my practice nurse her opinion but I have to admit its playing on my mind. Any ideas anyone?

I get my results from the SNB next week so I can also ask the consultant himself but i cant find any reference to feeling a lump post op - if it was a common thing surely it would be covered in the post op info we get.

Hi. Mine felt like a bag of marbles after the wle. It takes time to settle. Two months after my anc, it’s got a bobble on it, was having a fiddle with it today. It’s scar tissue.
Your bcn will be able to have a looky and advise.

Hi Libralady, i was the same as Elttiks,it did feel like a bag of marbles, it does take time to settle. I was convinced that i had another tumour growing within the week but was just scar tissue & did settle down. I think it’s natural to fiddle about after an op, probably not a good idea,lol but i think we all do it. With a lumpectomy u have a gap so may be able to feel the edges where they’ve taken tissue out. Your consultant will take a look when u have our results anyway just to make sure everything is healing up ok. Try not to worry too much x

Yes, I was surprised that my affected breast ended up a little larger than the other, I had assumed it would be smaller after the lump was removed. But as a result of the wound a fairly large lump of scar tissue formed. I think it happens often, so just get your BCN to have a look.

Thanks ladies - thats reassuring.

I know its terrible that Im having a feel - its become a habit - since I found the lump in my breast 4 weeks ago i was in a bad habit of feeling it every 1/2hour to check it was still there! Old habits die hard I guess.

not looking forward to seeing my “dent” on thursday when they take the dressings down. I just have this feeling im going to end up in theatre twice.

Is it just me or do you find an alarmingly high number of woman having a WLE end up back in surgery as the surgeons wasnt pleased with the clear margin. Im even reading a few people went back in 3 times *Shock* - Surely at some point an Mx would be discussed.

So much stuff to consider. But i think im going to sit down and have a discussion with my husband and my BCN about the "what if’s of a 2nd surgery.

It does sometimes seem like there are a lot of ladies who have to have a re-excision. I had one as they just needed to take a bit more to get clear margins, there wasn’t much difference in the look of my boob compared to the first op but i asked if i needed a mastectomy instead of a re-excision & he was emphatic that no i didn’t. A MX is a big operation & if they don’t feel it’s neccessary i guess they wouldn’t do it. As i had micromets in 2 of my nodes i would have had to have the 2nd op anyway as i had complete node clearance at the same tome as the re-excision which btw is done using the same scar & was no problem at all. Im glad i didnt have to have a MX but it’s a personal thing & you have to do what’s right for u & i don’t think i’d have wanted to have it done 3 times. Good luck with your results, let us know how u get on x

At this stage you are likely to be feeling haematomas and seromas in the cavity. If they have left tissue behind then it will be microscopic amounts - not a whole lump.

I am 4 mths post op now and there is still a bit of a lump in the scar line. It has been scanned and it is all just scar tissue, and healing seroma.

There are clips and stitches and all sorts inside your breast after surgery.

It will get better as it heals.

And you may not see a dent when they take the dressings down as it will likely all swell up and hide the indent. Mine is still not very dented even now as my breast swelled again with the radiotherapy.

Hi i had my op on 31 may and i still have a bit of scar tissue .Have been same as you and panicked lots only to be reassured that it is perfectly normal.Apparently some people still have it ages later.
Hope you get clear margins and good results good luck.
Take care Sharon xx

I had my wle done more than once. Would like an mx, but it wasn’t offered and I never spoke up. Any concellation, a re-exission wasn’t a problem, and not a big job either. We don’t really get much choice.


I’m now 6 weeks post WLE and SLN and my scars are very lumpy and hard. Too lumpy for me to feel for any lumps in fact. Feels like someone has lodged a pencil under my skin and then there are pockets of scar tissue under it.

Everyone heals differently so try not to worry. I did assume that after having five lumps removed from my boob that there wouldn’t be much of a solid mass and still remember my slight disappointment when it still felt bulky. I just try to keep my hands away from it just now.

If you have a concern though, don’t sit on it. Give your BCN a ring.

Take care Carolyn x


mine too is all lumpy and feeling hard… I rang the BCN and she said that it was normal after a WLE as long as it wasn’t too red and hot as that could be a sign of infection. I had mine on the 13th oct.

take care xxx

Im over 3.5 years from my wle. ive always had a hard lump under my scar, almost as if the lump is still there. ive been told this is scar tissue and normal.

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I have two lumps in the area of scar tissue after a 3rd operation to remove some invasive tissue. Clear margins were hard to find. I’m worried & have visited my GP. Waiting for letter to go back to hospital. My breast has a indent & I did suffer with infection early on.

Hi cas, try not too worry to much easier said then done I know! I’ve just had a re excision 3 weeks ago and still didn’t get clear margins as much as they’d like so are going to treat it with radiotherapy,its probably just scar tissue mine is definitely a lot lumpier and bumpier this time round and you’ve had 3 ops ! How long ago was your op? I too have a dent and was told by my surgeon this would happen, hope you get your appointment soon and I’m sure everything will be normal. Xx

Hi. Just back from my follow up post 2nd WLE. Thankfully this time clear margins. However, quite lumpy from scarring and also fluid, which I’m assured will disappear over time. The surgeon said this is a very common issue post surgery and not to worry unless very painful or infected. Hope this helps to reassure xx

Hi i had surgery at the end of July and still have a large lump of internal scar tissue where tissue was moved around to fill the defect from the wide excision. My external scars are very good and almost faded (had a small lift done at the same time) but i cannot find much info on how to improve the internal scar tissue. any ideas. Ultrasound scan confirmed it is scar tissue with superficial layer of fat necrosis. Its as hard as a cricket ball and ppain to touch.  Any ideas welcome, thank you :slight_smile:

I had a lumpectomy in 2008 and this is 9years after, still carrying some lumps since then cos i was told it was fluid build up.What do i do? Of great concern to me.

Hi I had my lumpectomy on the 4th May and had my dressing removed last Tuesday! On Wednesday after bathing I noticed I had a lump where my tumour was. I mentioned it to a couple of people who said it was probably a mixture of swelling, tissue and muscle! I did wonder if my surgeon had left a bit in but I know she wouldn’t. I see my surgeon tomorrow so will be asking her anyway to just put my mind at rest. X

I’m right there with you. Had my lumpectomy a week ago and was back for post op today. I have a lot of swelling and discomfort that I was told is fluid buildup.
I too, am triple negative. Librskady…do you know what your next course of treatment is?

Hi 2 all…first time on here. After reading feeds felt but better but had my surgery in Jan this year . Usual issues but have a lump at base of scar at base of my breast which is uncomfortable but pain in ribs around whole of breast and under arm is worse. Does anyone know or have same issues I’m experiencing…is it radiotherapy side effect…7 months on n its worsening not improving … have ultrasound n biopsy in a week but worrying myself silly…none of feeds I have read have mentioned pain in this area…x